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A More Vocal Kirk Cousins Bringing Out Redskins' Competitive Spirit


As he takes full control of the Redskins' offense, starting quarterback Kirk Cousins has become more vocal, resulting in high-energy and spirited practices this offseason.

It was a play the Washington Redskins have seen before from the starting quarterback and star wide receiver.

During Tuesday's veteran minicamp practice, Kirk Cousins found DeSean Jackson for a would-be deep bomb touchdown after a play action rollout to give Jackson additional time to break away from the defense.

As Jackson sprinted down the field, so too did Cousins. But before reaching Jackson, Cousins pointed to the sideline where local media was standing and shouted out, "Celebrate! You know you love that!"

That sort of outburst has become normal from Cousins this offseason as he takes full control of the Redskins' offense.

"I don't that that it ever started or stopped, I think I'm just a competitive person," Cousins responded when asked about his vocal displays this offseason. "As you grow and you learn and get more confident as a player, maybe it comes out a little more easily. Really, I don't know that I try to trash talk – I really don't try to taunt the opponent – I really just try to cheer on my own teammates. So, it's always yelling at my own guys to get them fired up, it's really not trying to get in the ear of the defense. But, if it brings energy, I think it's a good thing."

Indeed, Cousins has been outwardly vocal about what his teammates have been doing. On the final rep of individual drills on Tuesday, Cousins connected with wide receiver Pierre Garçon for a fade route touchdown.

After acknowledging that Garçon got both feet down inbounds, Cousins blurted out, "That's how you win the game!"

But it isn't just the offense that's feeding of Cousins' energy, as the defense, particularly linebacker Will Compton, hasn't been shy in being talkative back.

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins on Wednesday was named to the NFL's 'Top 100 Players of 2016' list, checking in at No. 85.

On a simulated third-down play, Cousins tried to sneak it up the middle but would have been stuffed for no gain.

Compton and some of the other defensive players shouted Cousins' famous "You like that!" phrase at him with a competitive spirit.

"Yeah, Will's a great leader; I think he does a really good job of getting the other 10 guys on the field to play better when he's in there," Cousins said. "I think that's the sign of a good player and it's hard to account for, it's hard to measure. When a guy steps in a huddle, 10 other guys play at a higher level because he's in there. I think everybody's looking for that type of player and if you can find one, it's something special. I believe Will is that player."

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden believes the back and forth banter is helping build the Redskins up as the look to claim yet another NFC East title in 2016.

"Kirk kind of eggs it on a little bit when he gets excited," Gruden said with a smile. "I think he just gets so fired up sometimes when he makes a good play and some [on] defense take offense to that because they gave up a big play. Overall it's all fun. Guys are good having fun out there and that's part of it. We want them to work hard, play hard, but we also need them to have fun and enjoy going out there."




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