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After Brief Negotiations, Nick Sundberg Excited To Be Back With Redskins


Since originally joining the Redskins in 2010, Nick Sundberg has been a steady contributor for the special teams unit and looks to continue to that production moving forward.

After only two days of negotiations, long snapper Nick Sundberg and the Washington Redskins came to an agreement on a new contract.

It was a little bit different from his first time negotiating a contract with the Redskins, as he was coming off a broken arm during the 2012 season and wasn't sure if the organization wanted him to return.

The Redskins, of course, not only brought him back but now he's in line to finish his career with the only team he's seen regular season action with since entering the NFL out of California.

"That's the plan," Sundberg said this week on "Redskins Nation." "Definitely the plan, as long as they want to keep me I'll be here."

Sundberg has been with the Redskins since the 2010 season and has appeared in 91 games over the last seven years. From 2014-16, Sundberg appeared in 41 consecutive games before briefly being sidelined by a back injury for two games this past November.

Snapping certainly hasn't been an issue for Sundberg over the year, admitting the toughest part of his job is handling the oncoming rush.

"Honestly, the toughest situation for me is like a 290-pound defensive end lining up in the A-gap and his goal is to destroy me," Sundberg said. "I know it's coming but that still doesn't change a thing. First things first, I have to snap the ball and make sure it's on Tress [Way's] left hip where I want it. Then transitioning back and getting my hands on a guy whose arms are 10 inches longer than mine and outweighs me by 45 pounds. That is one of those weird and tough positions to be in and that is definitely one for the toughest parts of the job but you get used to it."

During the 2013 season, Sundberg watched as the special teams unit struggled to stop opposing punt and kick returners throughout the year.

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The tide began to change in 2014, though, under then-new special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica, who came over from the New York Jets.

"He has just brought accountability," Sundberg said. "His military background, I know guys talk about that a lot, but it's really brought quite a bit to the meeting room. Not just the meeting room, but the practice field. His practice tempo is better than anything I have ever been a part of. That's what you want from a special teams coach, you want practice to be harder than games and it is. When we go out on the practice field on Wednesdays for punt periods I get a better rush on Wednesdays than I do on Sundays. It's tougher on Wednesday than it is on Sunday and that is what I want from my coach and he absolutely brings that."

As Sundberg hopes to continue his consistent play throughout his newest contract, the long snapper could soon be considered for a Pro Bowl nod.

But unlike other positions where a selection is split between fan, player and coach vote, long snappers are picked by the coaching staffs representing their conferences.

"Fans can't vote and I know a lot of you have reached out to me on Twitter and asked how to vote for me," Sundberg said. "I'm sorry to tell you that you can't yet. Someday, hopefully they will change that one day to where we can be voted in. As of right now, the coaches pick and I think they picked two good ones this year. Morgan Cox out of Baltimore is one of the best guys in the league who has been doing it for a long time."

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