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Al Saunders Media Session

On how he is feeling about the offense after the first three preseason games:

"You have seen a work in progress. I don't like the score but there is a process that we are going through. The process is taking a patient look at the players we have and putting them in positions to do what we need to see them do. We are not covering the edges on pass protection because we need to see those guys by themselves out there without help from tight ends and backs. We need to see more rhythm in our game and do some things that are very basic without having scheme be the thing that we count on in the preseason. That is what I have always done. The important thing in preseason for us is that each preseason game is like a practice in a game-like environment. We have a plan going into every preseason game to see some individuals do some things that might not be conducive on a down and distance situation from a game planning stand point. If it is something we need to see, the only time we can see it is in a game environment."

On how he feels about the first team offense not scoring a point in the first three preseason games:

"I am not happy if we don't score every time we have the football in practice. We will get there. I know what the end product will look like. I feel very comfortable that there are players developing their skills to be what we need them to be. For those who see practice, I think you see a totally different football team in terms of the strategy and tactics that we utilize than we do in a game. There is a reason for that. There is a process that we know works, a system that we know works and a procedure of developing an offensive football team that we have had success with over a lot of years."

On how important it is confidence-wise for the first team offense to put some points up this week against the Baltimore Ravens:

"I think if you asked Santana Moss (WR, #89) if he is confident in his abilities as a football player, I think he would tell you he is a pretty good player. Chris Cooley (TE, #47) thinks he is a pretty good player. We know they are good players. It is not the end result of what you do, it is the daily progress of each individual and their techniques and fundamentals. Certainly there were some disappointing parts of the game. There were some guys that probably didn't play at the level that we would have liked them to play at and they know that. They know what they need to work on to fix it. Individually there is some work that we have to do and collectively there is some work that we have to do and we are going to do that."

On if he is tempted to use the starters more than he normally would because of their recent performance:

"No, not at all. Once again, there is a process that we are following. We have a plan that started in OTA's to develop in a timely fashion what we would like to develop as an offensive unit. Certainly we would have liked Santana (Moss, WR, #89) to catch that ball on the three-yard line. We would have liked somebody to make a first down. When you use tactics and schemes to camouflage some deficiencies in the preseason, it doesn't make you any better."

On Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82):

"I think he is a very special player. There is another great example of the preseason. We have not done things specifically to get Antwaan Randle El the ball and have him do the things that he is capable of doing. He sure does do it out there in practice. He is a gifted guy. He can run with the ball and catch it. He is in a developmental stage as a wide receiver. It is something that he is making a transition to and he has done it extremely well. He is developing and I really like what I see."

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