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Al Saunders Media Session

On getting the running game going:

"They know the value of it. It is important when people can play an umbrella coverage and the front seven can take away your running game effectively then it complicates everything. You would like to have to force a team to bring an extra defender in the box so you can get some one-on-one routes on the outside. We haven't been able to do that as well as we would like to be able to do it."

On how tough this start has been on him:

"It's just frustrating that we aren't playing as well as we would like to play. It is frustrating for the players, coaches, fans and everybody that follows the Washington Redskins. It is part of the job and we know it is never going to be easy. We know we have a lot of work to do. Even if we were winning we would be working just as hard as we are now. We are going to get this thing fixed. We are going to work hard to do it and we are going to work hard every day."

On how much of a difference have Clinton Portis (RB. #26) back in the lineup:

"Well last year it was 1700 yards in the course of the year, which was quite efficient. You always like to have your best players available but still we should be better then we were the last two games even with the players that we have. We have some good football players. It is my responsibility to make sure we are playing as well as we can play. Having Clinton back in the line-up will help us a great deal."

On his confidence in Mark Brunell (QB, #8) running this offense:

"Mark is going to be fine. We have to help him and the people around him have to help him. Everybody has to do a better job because the quarterback's production often times relies on the people that are catching the ball, the people that are blocking, the play design and our effort. We will do a better job and help mark be a better player in the next game. I think he is going to be fine."

On the confidence factor with his players in the offense:

"Every player thinks they are pretty good. We just have to put things together and execute a little better. The system and what we have done in the past and some that we do in the future will be an upbeat and positive thing."

On if there is a learning curve with this offense:

"There is a learning curve. I would have hoped that we would have jumped a little bit quicker then we have been. We learn about each other every day and what we have to do is make sure that the things that we have learned and put into practice is a positive thing for us."

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