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Al Saunders Rookie Camp Media Session

On running back Derrick Blaylock:

"I am familiar with him he was a very productive player from his days in Kansas City and then through the wonderful world of free agency he ended up with the Jets. This is a nice opportunity for him to come in to an offense that he is familiar with and he is a very competitive guy and a very reliable player so hopefully he will come in and sign with us and show us what he can do."

On the progress of the players during the Rookie Camp:

"For those young guys it's tough. They are learning a new language. They are running all over the place. We got a quarterback that only ran the option in college. We have some receivers and offense lineman that have never done what we have done. They are a great group of kids and I am sure coach [Joe Gibbs] would reiterate this is the best group of rookies we have ever had. The total number of guys we have with us is still up to conjecture. It was a real good group and they worked hard and I think they had a real good experience and we had a lot of fun with them."

On how the quarterbacks performed during Rookie Camp:

"They did real well. All three of them came from a totally different system. You got to kind of relearn everything you have been taught. They have been in the same system for the last six to seven years. Jordan Palmer did a nice job. He certainly has the skills. That is why we drafted him. He is a guy we look at developing for down the road. Sam Hollenbach did a real nice job we got him over here from Maryland. He was very accurate with his throws. He has a real long way to go with his development too, but it was nice to see him out here. Our other quarterback [Jonathan Wilson] from VMI did a real good job too."

On Jason Campbell:

"He has been like my son. Every time I look over my shoulder he is here in the offseason. He is making progress. He is a wonderful kid to work with he is extremely bright and he has worked extremely hard on his techniques and fundamentals, which is the only two things you can do in the offseason like this is a lot of film work and a lot of board work a lot of understanding of what we are doing from a schematic stand point and then getting back on the field and working on the fundamentals and techniques."

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