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Al Saunders Training Camp Media Session

On the upcoming preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals:

"The most important thing with all pre-season games is to evaluate the players. There will be quite a few young players playing quite a bit, our starters won't be playing a lot. We will just be very simple and doing the basic core of our offense to evaluate performance and the young players that we have."

On the QB rotation for the preseason game:

"Right now Mark (Brunell) (QB, #8) is going to start. Todd (Collins) (QB, #15) will take the second group and then Jason (Campbell) (QB, #17) will be the third quarterback in and the next game we will rotate that Jason and Todd are rotating each game all the way through."

On telling if Jason Campbell (QB, #17) is on the right track:

"Well we would like to see consistency, good decisions, and technique improvement and that is for everybody. We are working really hard on technique, and that is going to get us to be a better football team. That's what we look for in Jason as he improves technique in all phases in the game. We hope to give him the entire second half."

On Ladell Betts' (RB, #46) performance in camp:

"He has continued to make a great impact on all of us. We think he is an outstanding player, and has not given us any reason to think he's not going to be good this year."

On balancing Ladell Betts (RB, #46) and Clinton Portis' (RB, #26) workload:

"It will depend on who we are playing and what we plan to do each game."

On the competition between the WR's at the scrimmage:

"It's always important when you play a game. That's the time to evaluate those guys in a very highly competitive environment, but we evaluate them everyday. They are going against some pretty good corners here. They have to do things on the field to demonstrate whether or not they are progressing, so everyday is an evaluation process for them."

On how much time the starters will get in the preseason game:

"We'd like to get them 12 to 15 snaps."

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