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All-Around Player Terrelle Pryor Sr. Focus For Redskins


Capable of changing games through his versatility, the Redskins must be ready for wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr.

As the Redskins aim for a victory on Sunday, Terrelle Pryor Sr. will be a key player for the team to watch.

One Redskins player that acknowledges Pryor's athleticism is linebacker Mason Foster, who must be ready for a player that can play multiple positions.

"He's a great athlete and he's been making a lot of plays for them," the inside linebacker said. "The biggest thing you've got to do is swarm to the ball. Get all the guys around him and just get him on the ground. He's going to make plays – a big-time athlete like that in space, so you've just got to keep swarming and get 11 hats to the ball."

Pryor Sr. has already recorded 244 yards receiving with the Browns this year.

Not only is Pryor Sr. a widely respected wide receiver, just last week he was a quarterback and safety as well. Needless to say, he can do it all and Redskins linebacker, Su'a Cravens clearly sees his versatility.

"He's a great athlete," Cravens stated. "He's very smooth , he's very fast and he's versatile. We're going to see him at quarterback, we're going to see him at running back, we're going to see him in the slot and wide out, but ultimately we just got to turn it down on him and make Cody (Kessler), the young quarterback giddy."

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden added that Pryor Sr. is truely a "unique talent."

"I think Hue Jackson's doing a great job at using him. His talent to the best, to the max, and he's putting him all over the place and trying to get the ball in unique type ways and formation," Gruden said. "So, he can go up and get it—he can go up and get the deep ball without a doubt. He's doing much better as far as the route tree's considered, or concerned. He can catch a bubble screen and he can run with them, and obviously when he lines up at quarterback he's very dangerous. Either handing the ball off or running the zone read stuff or even throwing the bubbles, or you know, the quick passes that he can throw. An all-around great athlete. Somebody that we have to keep an eye on at all times."

Although the Browns all-around player is talented, Redskins safety, David Bruton Jr. understands that in order to succeed against Pryor, the Redskins defense has to know where he is at all times.

"He's a playmaker no matter where he's lined up," Bruton Jr. said. "Whether it's at receiver, quarterback, running back, whatever, and he's able to make plays. We definitely have our work cut out for us, we definitely have a big challenge ahead of us with him. We definitely have to know where he is at any given time because we don't want him to be the guy that beats us."

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