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Andre Carter Introductory Press Conference


"Andre of course was with the 49ers for all five years. He was the seventh pick overall in the draft when he came out. During his career he has totaled 211 tackles and 32 sacks. In his sophomore season he had 12.5 sacks which is outstanding. What we are getting here too which is important to us is that when we looked at the film Gregg (Williams) and everyone said is that this guy has a motor. He has flexibility and can play both sides for us. He also with the 49ers played some standing up. He is probably more comfortable with his hand on the ground but we think he has great flexibility for us. He definitely is somebody that can really add to our defensive scheme over there. He went to Cal and in college he owns the school record for most sacks at 31. We think we have got somebody that fits great for our defense. We think he is a versatile player. I want to say this when you meet him and Bethany (Andre's wife) you also know he is the right kind of person, which we pride ourselves on. I think he is a first class guy. His dad had history here and that is something else I know he is proud of. Everyone we talked too, all the coaches and everyone else, to be quite truthful some of the coaches told me that this guy would be number one on their team as far as someone they would want to be around."


On why Denver was an option:

"I am very thankful that coach gave me the opportunity to rationalize my decision. It was tough because I know during free agency your opportunity is so slim. My reason for going to Denver was a little bit personal because my dad had played there for 12 years and the thought of being a second generation Carter was big. When I went to Denver this team was always in the front of my mind."

On what stuck with him about Washington that helped him make his decision to come to the Redskins:

"First of all Joe Gibbs, there was just more of a connection there. His personality, his beliefs and what he felt this organization needed, not so much as me as a player but as far as the need to succeed and be the best. As you have seen from what we have brought in talent wise it is amazing and also character wise. Character plays a bid role as far as an organization standpoint. When you have leaders that want to grow and develop as individuals as well as a team that is big."

On if part of the discussion before he signed was about how they would use him here:

"Being with the 49ers for five years it was as I call it an adventure. I started out as a defensive lineman and then this last season I played outside linebacker. Being a linebacker I played hard for 20 games, including the preseason, and I just hoped that if by chance if did go to another team that they know that I am versatile but I can play defensive line too. The Redskins saw me as a defensive end and I myself saw me as a defensive end. That is the position I have been playing since I was in the 10th grade and started playing football. It is just great being back in the trenches because that is where it all started with me and god willing that is where it will finish for me."

On what he brings as a defensive end:

"I am versatile. I rush the passer but I also play the run as well. In this league it is important to be a two dimensional player and that is what I am."

On what his dad, Rubin Carter, told him about visiting Washington, where he once coached, and the Denver Broncos, where he once played:

"We really didn't talk that much. He pretty much just asked me what trips I was going to take. I told him Washington Redskins and was like O.K. and then I said the Denver broncos and he kind of paused a little bit. All in all he was going to be supportive and be happy where ever I ended up."

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