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Andrews: Griffin III Way Ahead Of Schedule


The Redskins got some good news on Friday afternoon, as renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews reported that quarterback Robert Griffin III is rapidly improving from his offseason knee surgery.

"We have him well on his way," Dr. Andrews told the NFL Network. "He is an unbelievable athlete as you well know. His recovery is way ahead of schedule so far."

Griffin III suffered tears to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL) in the team's wild card game vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

After being diagnosed by Dr. Andrews, Griffin III had his knee surgically repaired by Dr. Andrews, who has overseen his recovery process in Florida.

While Andrews did not go into specifics during the NFL Network interview, he noted that Griffin III's biggest challenge so far has been pacing his recovery safely and correctly.

"We don't have to do much but try to hold him back, if you want to know the truth," Dr. Andrews said. "Our whole mode for him though is to do what is best for his career, not necessarily what is best for the first game next season.

"All of that has to be put on hold and let him get well."




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