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Antwaan Randle El Media Session

On the game against the Ravens on Dec. 7:

"I haven't watched much film at all yet, but I'm sure it will be the same thing. You cringe when you see some of the plays and stuff when it comes to being open and having the protection, then not necessarily getting open, or the run, or whatever. It is an issue we have to deal with. We are where we are right now. The bottom line is we have three games left. We can still get in to the playoffs. We probably have to get some help from somebody, but we have to do our part more than anything."

On where the team is struggling:

"You can't put your finger on any one thing. You can't just say it is the offensive line, can't put it all on the quarterback, can't say it is the receivers or the backs. It is a combination of everybody basically doing their part and doing their part together and I think we haven't had that in the last couple of weeks and it showed up again. When you go against a defense like that, it is always going to show up. It is going to come to life."

On having to win the final three games:

"I think we have felt it in years past. If you look at last year, the way we came back, kind of got going and played well the last four games, and that is the kind of situation we are in now. Can we pull it together? Can we come together as an offensive unit, defense, special teams, as a team to get this thing turned around? Can we do it? No question, it is just a matter of us trying to just focusing on one game at a time and getting prepared. We have some injuries, but the bottom line is you have to be able to win with the so-called backups. In this league you always have to be ready to go."

On the lack of scoring by the offense

"It is very frustrating--very, very, very frustrating because we know that talent that we have and we know what we have done, even in the earlier weeks of the season. So, very frustrating not to be able to score and score points at a good clip. We are where we are right now. We have three games to try to get ourselves into the playoffs, give us a shot and of course getting help from somebody else. Hopefully that can work out for us."

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