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Archuleta: 'Learning Curve' On New Team

Safety Adam Archuleta, a five-year NFL veteran, arrived in Washington, D.C., this offseason as one of the team's key free agent acquisitions. He is expected to help solidify the Redskins' defense and, in particular, a secondary with a combination of youth and experience. Archuleta discussed his "learning curve" with and local media during the June 16-18 mini-camp:

Q: As the Redskins approach training camp, what are your thoughts on becoming a part of a new team this offseason?

A: "It's a situation that has breathed new life into my career, because I feel like I'm part of something special that they are building here. You get a little anxiety being the new guy. You almost feel like the rookie again. You get to know new teammates and kind of start over. So there's a little bit of anxiety, but yet there is definitely excitement."

Q: Do you have a feel for things here?

A: "It has been a learning curve. There were a lot of new [schemes] that I have never really been exposed to before in my career, so I've just been trying to figure out the way [coaches] want things done. It takes a little bit of time, but the football aspect and being an athlete and a competitor starts to kick in and it becomes fun again."

Q: Do you feel like you're catching on to the defensive system?

A: "This is the time of year when you try and do everything perfectly and you get a little bit robotic. So you start to ingrain the way [coaches] want things done and then obviously when it comes time to play, you have to let it fly. It's just a matter of playing football again. Accepting coaching right now is the only thing that is a little bit unique. That's not a problem."

Q: Is it a fun defense to play in?

A: "Up until now, it's just been practice. The joy and beauty of football is when you go out there and execute it. When you get through the fear aspect of it and actually striking another man, that's what makes football fun. But being out there, and competing, and doing new things, and challenging yourself, and stretching yourself as a player, is something as well."

Q: Do you have a sense for your role yet?

A: "Safeties are all interchangeable. Me, Sean [Taylor] and Pierson {Prioleau] all try and do everything. It has given us a lot of flexibility. We all intermingle. Right now it is a matter of getting exposed to all the concepts and all the responsibilities."

Q: Do you feel a sense of pressure being a player who was brought in to help the team get to the next level?

A: "The bar has been raised that much higher and so anything less is not going to be tolerated. Being a guy that they are trying to put in to help, I feel that added pressure and responsibility to not let my teammates down and to let them know that they can count on me. I am going to help this team come together even more so we can achieve something great together."

Q: Going against the Redskins' new offense, and the talent they have, can't be easy in practices, right?

A: "Obviously yes. I played in St. Louis [the last five years], so I was with Mike Martz, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Marshall Faulk--all those guys. So it's almost the exact same thing. These guys are starting to learn. I'm seeing a lot of the same things in the offense and those guys on the other side of the ball are starting to get a lot of confidence. So it's a good competition for the offense and the defense. We will get better going against each other."

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