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As Workouts Begin, Case Keenum's Focus Is Adapting (Again) To New Surroundings 


Case Keenum is used to this.

For the third consecutive offseason, the quarterback has entered a new facility and gone back to work wearing different colors, lifting with different teammates, around different coaches.

Traded from the Broncos to the Redskins in March, the veteran has grown accustomed to meeting new people each April and quickly learning names and faces. First Minnesota, then Denver, now Washington. It's a necessary component for his position, especially considering he'll be battling with Colt McCoy, who's been in Washington for five seasons.

"We've got a lot of challenges," Keenum said. "For me personally, right now the biggest challenge is the one that's right ahead of me, and that's getting in here, getting to know the guys, getting to know the system, getting to know coaches and just becoming comfortable with just operating as a quarterback around here.

"I'm excited to do that, I'm excited to come into work today, it was great meeting the guys, getting to go to meetings, workouts – that's the challenge right now. We'll take them one at a time because we had a lot ahead."

Take a look at photos from the second day of offseason workouts for the 2019 Washington Redskins.

The Redskins, like the majority of NFL teams, began Phase 1 of offseason workouts this week, returning to the facility to work with the strength and conditioning staff. It's also a valuable time for reunions.

Based on his past success and experience, Keenum knows the value in acquainting himself early with new teammates he will eventually have to develop a close relationship with on the field.

"I've always thought that you really want to get to know the guy you're playing with," Keenum said. "Not just as a player, not just as a jersey, not just who they are on the field, but who they are off the field – try to make sure you know as much about them as they can. That mutual respect, that friendship, starts off the field before you take it on the field where you really need that trust, really need that respect, because you're leaning hard on each other. I think starting with that is most important."

Keenum said he was surprised initially when the Broncos traded him after just a year spent in Denver, but was glad another team wanted his services. It soothed the sting.

"When the dust settled and it finally came to the actual trade and what was happening, I was really pleased," he said. "My wife and I were really excited to be on a team that wanted me. It's always nice to be traded for. The Redskins came out and wanted me and sought after me, so that feels good and it feels good to be wanted."

Before he came to Ashburn, Keenum made some buzz on social media after sporting some vintage Redskins golf attire at a March charity tournament in Abilene, Texas, his hometown. It's just another way he's learned to adopt his new team, to earn respect from his new fan base and get adjusted to new colors.

"It's the real deal. It's not any of that new stuff made to look old, it's the real vintage gear," Keenum said smiling. "It's got some use in there, it's got some miles."