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At Pick Six, Redskins Must Pay Heed to Draft History

Why would the Redskins consider trading the No. 6 overall pick in the draft?

Here's one reason: A look back at players selected at No. 6 in the last 25 years suggests that landing a Pro Bowl-caliber performer is not always a sure bet.

Of course, every draft--and every draft class--is different. But as the Redskins ponder the top prospects in this year's draft and evaluate trade options, it's instructive for team officials to pay heed to history.

NFL DRAFT: No. 6 Picks
Year Player/Pos. NFL Team
2006 Vernon Davis, TE 49ers
2005 Adam 'Pacman' Jones, CB Titans
2004 Kellen Winslow, Jr., TE Browns
2003 Johnathan Sullivan, DT Saints
2002 Ryan Sims, DT Chiefs
2001 Richard Seymour, DT Patriots
2000 Corey Simon, DT Eagles
1999 Torry Holt, WR Rams
1998 Grant Wistrom, DE Rams
1997 Walter Jones, T Seahawks
1996 Lawrence Phillips, RB Rams
1995 Kevin Carter, DE Rams
1994 Trent Dilfer, QB Buccaneers
1993 Eric Curry, DE Buccaneers
1992 David Klingler, QB Bengals
1991 Eric Swann, DT Cardinals
1990 Mark Carrier, S Bears
1989 Broderick Thomas, LB Buccaneers
1988 Tim Brown, WR Raiders
1987 Kelly Stouffer, QB Cardinals
1986 Jim Dombrowski, T Saints
1985 Lomas Brown, T Lions
1984 Mossy Cade, DB Chargers
1983 Jimbo Covert, T Bears
1982 Jeff Bryant, DE Seahawks

The Redskins are thought to be searching for help along the defensive line this offseason. At No. 6 in the draft, the defensive line position has had several hits and notable misses in the last 25 years.

In recent years, the most successful No. 6 pick is defensive tackle Richard Seymour, selected by the New England Patriots in 2001. Seymour has been an integral part of the Patriots' three Super Bowl championships this decade.

A year earlier, in 2000, defensive tackle Corey Simon was chosen at No. 6 by the Philadelphia Eagles. Simon enjoyed a productive career, including one Pro Bowl berth, but he is now out of football.

In 1998, the St. Louis Rams made defensive end Grant Wistrom the No. 6 pick. Wistrom has turned in a solid NFL career with the Rams and Seahawks.

In 1995, the Rams chose defensive end Kevin Carter at No. 6. Carter has had a strong career, recording 97.5 sacks in 13 seasons with the Rams, Titans and Dolphins.

Defensive tackles Ryan Sims, selected by Kansas City in 2002, and Johnathan Sullivan, selected by New Orleans in 2003, have not made an impact in the NFL.

Two future Hall of Fame wide receivers were No. 6 picks: Tim Brown was selected by the Raiders in 1988 and Torry Holt was chosen by the Rams in 1999.

Offensive tackle is also a position that has fared well at No. 6.

Walter Jones (Seahawks in 1997), Lomas Brown (Lions in 1985), Jim Dombrowski (Saints in 1986) and Jimbo Covert (Bears in 1983) were all long-time starters and solid performers. Jones, Brown and Covert earned Pro Bowl nods.

Quarterback has not fared well at No. 6, though.

Kelly Stouffer (St. Louis Cardinals in 1987) and David Klingler (Bengals in 1992) did not make an impact. Trent Dilfer (Buccaneers in 1994) won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens in 2000, but he is an NFL journeyman.

Remember Mark Carrier? Before playing one season with the Redskins in 2000, the hard-hitting safety was drafted No. 6 by the Chicago Bears in the 1990 draft.

In recent years, tight end has become a popular choice at No. 6, with Maryland's Vernon Davis going to the 49ers last year. Kellen Winslow, Jr., drafted by the Browns at No. 6 in 2004, has suffered through an injury-plagued career.

Cornerback Adam 'Pacman' Jones, drafted No. 6 overall by Tennessee in 2005, has shown flashes on the field, but off the field he faces a possible suspension due to a series of arrests.

Perhaps the biggest draft bust at No. 6? Lawrence Phillips was drafted by the Rams in 1996, but he struggled to get a foothold in the NFL. After four seasons and 35 games, Phillips is out of football and faces jail time due to an incident in August 2005.

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