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Aubrey Grier

Senior Manager, Membership Services

Aubrey Grier

Time at the Commanders: 1 year, 4 months

Describe what you do with the organization. What's your favorite part about what you do?

"I oversee a team of nine reps, and our goal is to strategize on how we can make the gameday experience more enjoyable for our biggest investors, our members! We try to tailor fit benefits that make them feel valued and seen and make them feel a part of this franchise. Whether that's an upper level member, a Club member or a lower level member, we want them to have the best experience no matter their seat location. What I enjoy most is something that I tell my reps everyday: It's always someone's first, last and/or only game so make it memorable! So, from the moment a member pulls up to the parking lot to the moment they leave, I love helping to offer an experience that will stay with them forever."

What inspires you to come to work each day?

"I feel like I have the ability to make someone's day with my mindset and that philosophy I spoke of. I get to change how someone looks at going into a call. I get to help people. Each and every day, we're working to understand why people buy. It's challenge that presents new ideas, new ways of thinking, and it's fun."

What's a work-related accomplishment that you're proud of?

"Last year around this time I was on the new business side as a senior manager, and for the Select-a-Seat event, we were able to help secure a large amount of seats in a weekend. We were able to exceed expectations. That was a really strong, powerful day for the entire department, and it was an incredible experience."

What motivated you to want to join the B.E.N. leadership team?

"A leadership role in B.E.N. was just something I strongly identified with being here in the ticketing department in a leadership role. Part of my job is to be an ally and help recruit, and I just felt like, in considering joining the B.E.N. leadership team, I had a responsibility to uphold. I also always wanted to be a part of an employee resource group where I could talk to people who look like me and connect with those who may not feel comfortable speaking to someone else in a leadership role that doesn't look like them. I wanted to be a listening ear in case someone wanted to vent about life, parenthood, manhood, being an employee. It's about being an asset however I can."

What is a current, past or future B.E.N. project or initiative that has excited you?

"We've had a few awesome speaker series and fireside chats. I enjoy being able to hear those perspectives from others. One that sticks out was with Tim Hightower. We're both from Richmond. He's a family man whose life has been pretty much entirely in sports, and recently he was able to write a book about his experiences. Hearing about what he went through was something I was really interested in. As for future projects, I'm really excited and passionate about a fitness-related event we have coming up that will help an important cause. Stay tuned!"

What type of impact are you looking to have with B.E.N.?

"I hope I can help bring fresh ideas and be a collaborator on new initiatives that B.E.N. might want to pursue. I'm just looking to be a good teammate however I can and be another ambassador for our brand in the community."

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