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Bill Callahan, Randy Jordan Reuniting In Washington

If there's anybody within the Redskins organization that understands how Bill Callahan – the team's new offensive line coach – works, it's the team's current running backs coach, Randy Jordan.

Jordan – a former NFL running back with the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars – played under Callahan and worked with him in both Oakland and at the University of Nebraska.


A player with the Raiders from 1998-2002, the same time Callahan was offensive coordinator and then head coach, Jordan then joined his staff as a special teams assistant in 2003 after his retirement from the league.

Then, in 2004, when Callahan joined the college ranks as Nebraska's head coach, Jordan said he got his "big break" as the school's running backs coach.

With Callahan during his entire tenure at Nebraska, Jordan leaned on Callahan as he learned what it took to be a successful coach.

"I had a great relationship with Coach Callahan," Jordan told in October. "And for me, I knew the system, I knew the offense, I grew up in a West Coast offense, so I just went from teaching it to playing it."

And under Callahan, Jordan learned one very important coaching tip – "all people don't learn the same."

"Some people are visual, some people are listeners, some people are note takers, some guys, they're rep guys," he said. "Once I found out, in terms of their personality, how they individually learn, I was able to cater to their specific skill level in terms of teaching them what they need to know every day in terms of getting ready to play."




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