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Bobby Beathard Honored By Grandson With Touching Hall Of Fame Song

Bobby Beathard is introduced at the 2018 Gold Jacket Ceremony

With former Redskins General Manager Bobby Beathard being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday night, his grandson Tucker Beathard has released a touching and personal song and music video celebrating Beathard's accomplishments in football and his impact on their family.

The music video provides glimpses of Beathard at various stages of his career, as well as looks into the Beathard family. Tucker Beathard, who gained popularity as a country singer in 2016 with his "Rock On" single, decided to make the song more about how his grandfather cemented himself in the family's "Real World Hall of Fame," just by being the person he is.

Beathard sings that " even if the folks who made that call / Never would've called his name / It wouldn't change that spot that he's got on the wall / In my real world hall of fame", highlighting how proud and honored he is of his grandfather as a person and celebrating his football achievements as a secondary component of his life.

Beathard, who was the general manager of the Redskins from 1978-1989, led the team to two Super Bowl victories during his tenure, drafting key players such as Art Monk and hiring head coach Joe Gibbs, a 1996 inductee into the Hall of Fame. Gibbs will present Beathard at the enshrinement ceremony, as the two built a strong relationship overseeing a successful decade of Redskins football.

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