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Brian Orakpo Training Camp Media Session

On offensive tackle Trent Williams:
"First of all, his work ethic is unbelievable. He's a tremendous young kid that loves to work and get better. And second of all, he's just a phenomenal tackle, man. I've gone against him ever since he got here and I can just see the improvements. One time, I almost fell on my back because he got me in a good position. He's just getting better as the days go on. He got his deal signed and he only missed what, one day? He's back full strength ready to go. We had a good session today. And Trent has just such good feet and such explosive power that can really help blocking out for Donovan [McNabb]."

On how he thinks Trent Williams will handle having a $60 million contract:
"I think he'll be fine. He's a good kid. He's just taking care of his family, obviously, and just living the live he wants to live and also be the great player he wants to be."

On reaching out to injured Baltimore Ravens draft pick Sergio Kindle:
"I sent him a couple of texts. I wish the best for him. It was an unfortunate situation. I hate when people start speculating about what he was doing to fall. Accidents happen, man. Freak accidents happen. He's always had bad luck throughout his life. I reached out to him and I just hope for him to come back with a full recovery."

On if he considers himself more of a leader this season:
"I try to be. I'm just trying to keep doing what I'm doing and also be more vocal out there. Obviously a lot of people depend on me to make these plays and go out there along with [linebacker London] Fletcher and the rest of the older guys to lead this defense and this team. We have a really good chemistry this year, and everybody's on board. I really feel like we're going to do some big things this year."

On the 3-4 defensive scheme:
"It's a nasty scheme. It's unbelievable. We've got blitzes, we've got guys coming from all over the place and coverage is unbelievable in the back end. I'm excited. I know everybody else is excited to see the 3-4 in full go, and we'll see in September whenever that Dallas game comes around."

On if the scheme creates more opportunities for him:
"We'll see, man. Obviously they're going to put me in situations where I can rush a little bit more and am able to create these turnovers and get the ball back to our offense. We'll see how it all transpires as soon as the season gets started."

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