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Brian Orakpo Training Camp Media Session


On how he feels about being signed:
"I'm really happy with things and relieved. We got it done. I'm the type of guy who doesn't like missing work outs. I know my teammates are out there working and I don't like missing it. But I am very excited it got done quickly."

On what time he found out:
"I got a call around 11 or so. It was late, real late. You know, very exciting."
On how his teammates are treating him:
"They got sparked up a little bit. They were saying, 'big money now is here' and all this stuff. It was all fun and games but it was cool."

On having a sense of urgency to get to practice because of his move to linebacker:
"Not really. I just wanted to get the deal done. It really didn't' matter. Just wanted to get the deal done, get back here as fast I could and get back to work."

On how this birthday compares to the rest of them:
"This has to be No.1 man. I got the deal done and my pocket is a little bigger. All of this on your birthday is always a good thing."

On where he was when he got the call:
"When I got the call I was actually celebrating my birthday with my fiancé at a sushi restaurant. It is actually one of my favorite foods. Got the call and couldn't even enjoy it anymore."

On if he left a bigger tip:
"I don't know. She [his fiancé] paid for it. It was my birthday dinner."
On if he had any idea the deal was close to being complete:
"I had somewhat of an idea. I have been in contact with my agent and he has been explaining to me that we were getting very close. So, I was very optimistic. When you start seeing other first-round guys getting signed it is just like a domino effect.

On Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache saying he wanted him to be at training camp because other guys are getting his reps:
"That is Coach Blache for you man. He will tell you the truth. If I am not here other guys are getting my reps. But you know, he is not a guy to hold his tongue and that is one thing that I respect. We talked, we laughed and he's happy I'm out here and we can just keep this thing going."

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