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Brig Owens

## #23 Brig Owens defensive Back 1966-77
Started his NFL career in 1965 as a seventh round draft selection by the Dallas Cowboys out of the University of Cincinnati… Traded to the Redskins the following year… Played a significant role in leading the 1972 squad to the Super Bowl… Holds the record for most interception return yards in Redskins history (686)… Second all-time for the Redskins in career interceptions (36).

On being traded in 1966 from the Dallas Cowboys to the Redskins, Owens said, it was the "best thing that ever happened to me – it allowed for a new beginning"… In turn, his most memorable moment with the Redskins was beating the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC Championship and earn a trip to the Super Bowl… A pre-game ritual was to have a hot fudge sundae the night before every contest.

Considers his greatest inspiration to be his parents… Looking back, he is most proud of his family and of being able to play with and remain friends with such top quality teammates.

After the NFL, he finished law school and went to work with the NFL Players Association, serving as the assistant executive director… Also owned his own business, a Commercial Real Estate Development Company which also represented professional athletes.



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