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Bruce Allen On Donovan McNabb Contract Extension


On how the Donovan McNabb contract extension unfolded:"As we've said for months now, we had ongoing talks and once the regular season started, we really were aiming toward the bye week and it came together."

On what about McNabb made the team want to sign him long-term:"Well, when we made the trade for him, we understood what we were getting in Donovan. We're pleased with the leadership that he brings and we believe he can help us win."

On McNabb's frame of mind heading into Monday night's game vs. Philadelphia:"Donovan is happy but really our focus is on the Eagles. This is not any form of distraction because it has really been something that we've known we were going to do for some time."

On people doubting that a deal could get done in the last two weeks:"I think Coach [Mike] Shanahan and myself said that Donovan is going to be here from the beginning and Donovan has been real clear in his intent of being a Redskin. So I think it just puts an exclamation point on it and now we can focus on the Eagles."

On what role Mike Shanahan had in the deal:Well, Mike's our head coach and obviously from the point we traded for him, it's developing this team, getting this team to go forward and compete in the NFC East."

On the reported contract terms of the McNabb deal:"I'm not going to get into numbers and all of that stuff. Donovan knows what his contract is and so do we."

On if McNabb is going to be a long-term Redskin:"That's why we signed him to a contract."

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