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Bruce Allen Season-Ending Press Conference

Opening statement:

"Obviously, this morning we made a decision to relieve Jim Zorn of his duties. When we came back, I talked to Jim in his office and notified him of such. He was disappointed but very professional. Over the last three weeks I have gotten to know him well, and felt that this was the right time to make that decision for the Redskins. Today starts our 2010 season -- as I have discussed with our staff, the coaches, and our players here just a while ago. We have a directions that we want to go, and will go, starting today."

On the assistant coaching staff's future:

"We met with them. They're position with the Redskins will be determined by the next head coach. Remember, this is a very volatile period in the NFL. Last year there were 11 coaching changes -- that's a third of the league. We want to be very considerate to their families and the issues, we are going to be in constant dialogue with them and keep them updated on the process."

On candidacy for the head coaching vacancy:

"I'm not going to get into that. I'm not going to discuss that because of privacy issues for them. I will say this: It's real clear that we are going to be aggressive. What we are looking for in a head coach is somebody that can lead these men that we have in our locker room to levels that they haven't played to before. What I asked of the players on the team, was a commitment that they hadn't given before. We are going to try that type of person, who is a winner, passionate about the Redskins, and passionate about football."

On if the Redskins will have a head coach by the end of the week:

"I'm not going to put a time frame on it. We are going to get the right person. I'm a little bias maybe with coaches, but I think that the head coach in the NFL is the most demanding executive position in professional sports. He has to manage over 100 people, getting them to focus in one direction, for a common goal – which is to win. We are going to make the right selection before we get our person."

On if there was a lack of commitment on the team this year:

"I have been here three weeks and I have been able to witness and evaluate. I've been able to listen to some players and I've listened to the coaches. I just know that last place is not Redskin football. Last place two years in a row is not Redskin football. Today we can start building the foundation that would make us successful in the future."

On if the Redskins have interviewed any candidates for the head coaching position:

"We are in the process of talking to people. I'm not going to go backwards and forwards with you but we have a good game plan of what we are going to do and it's to find that person that I described - somebody that can lead the men that were in this room earlier. That's going to make the difference for us."

On if he has been able to assess the players that will be here next season:

"It's a little premature to talk about that. I really look forward to talking to our players in the next few weeks. I met with a few of them today. They are giving me a good message. They understand that it's about hard work. The formula for success in the NFL hasn't changed since Coach (George) Halas was coaching -- teamwork plus talent equals success. The players are hungry. They're unsatisfied. The fans are unsatisfied, and the organization is unsatisfied with the results. We do live in a results-based business. That's what makes it the best sport there is."

On how much work needs to be done to the roster:

"We have to build the foundation. We have to get the right disciplines in place in order for payers to succeed in our environment. I believe that the coaches work hard. I believe the players work hard. We have to work in harmony. That's why the status-quo has to end. We have to change the ways we have been doing business. The players are going to embrace it."

On when he decided to make the coaching change, and when he told Coach Zorn:

"It's an evolving decision. The record speaks for itself. This morning whenever our plane arrived, Jim and I went back to his office and discussed it at that time. I've seen it work in different ways with different teams, but Jim and I had talked previously that, once a decision was made to please let him know. That's what we did."

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