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Brunell: 'Passing Game Needs to Improve'

Mark Brunell spoke with as the team continues to prepare for the New York Giants this Sunday:

Q: How much will the offense build on the game-ending drive from the Tampa Bay game?

A: "Next time we get in the four minute drill it, it'll be good knowing we have done it before. We were able to take a little bit of time off of the clock. We will be in that situation again sometime in the future. It just builds confidence."

Q: What areas are you looking for the offense to improve at this week?

A: "Our passing game needs to improve. That stems from better decisions, being more accurate and getting the ball to the receivers so that they're in a position to make plays."

Q: You went up against a Tom Coughlin defense every day in practice many years in Jacksonville. What's the mark of a Tom Coughlin defense?

A: "Aggressive, very disciplined, and scheme-wise always very sound. They don't make mistakes. I can say that from first-hand experience having been around his defenses. It's going to be a good group."

Q: How did Coach Coughlin help your development?

A: "If there is one guy that I could say gave me a shot in this league, it was Coach Coughlin. He gave me the opportunity to come down to Jacksonville, a new franchise. I am in great debt to him because he gave me an opportunity a long time ago."

Q: Was it a difficult adjusting to Coughlin's style as a young player?

A: "I was young, so I was happy to be there, I'll tell you that. We won early and got things on track very early. We were disciplined, we worked hard, we were committed to winning football games and we did that. That stems from his way of doing things. Most of the credit for our early success in Jacksonville goes to that very thing: the discipline, the hard work and what it takes to be good in this league."

Q: In watching the film of last week's Giants-Eagles game, what stood out to you?

A: "Donovan McNabb made about three of our big plays, and that was enough to win the game. I thought their defense played real well. They're a solid group and they're not going to make many mistakes. So we have to be real sharp, particularly on their turf."

Q: Are you concerned about the conditions at the Meadowlands?

A: "At times, it can be windy and difficult there. You hear more about it more than experience it firsthand. It's something you need to be aware of, particularly late in the game and you need to get the ball downfield. You have to throw it smart and give it a little extra. The Meadowlands can be a tough place to play to begin with. I've won games there and I've lost games there. It's difficult especially if you get behind and they're rolling, it's very hard."

Q: How easy is it for a quarterback to be tricked by a defensive scheme?

A: "Some days, real easy. Disguising is the name of the game. If a defensive coach can get a quarterback on offense to think you're doing one thing, and then do another even before the snap, you're that much ahead of the game."

Q: How focused in on stopping Michael Strahan is the offensive line?

"Michael Strahan is one of the best defensive ends in the NFL. He is strong, very physical, and he's a smart player. With his one-on-one match-ups, most of the time he'll win. He is a tremendous player. I have a lot of respect for him. It'll be a good challenge for Kenyatta Jones."

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