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Campbell: New Offense Offers 'Control'

On Friday, Feb. 29, quarterbacks Jason Campbell and Sam Hollenbach were on the Redskins Park practice fields with head coach Jim Zorn, focusing on footwork drills. A few hours later, they learned that Todd Collins had agreed to return to the Redskins for another season. Campbell spoke with and media on Collins and the Redskins' offense:

Q: Your thoughts on Todd Collins re-signing as the backup?

A: "It's definitely a positive for us because you never know when you need a guy to come in and be able to play. Todd did an outstanding job last year. It has been great working with him the last two years. I'm excited about having him back."

Q: With a new head coach and new offensive coordinator in place, how beneficial is it to have someone like Todd Collins back who you have worked with the last two years?

A: "It's a big positive. He's someone who you've had communication with the last two years. He's someone who has helped you out in your development at the position. He's a veteran and he has been through it all. So he's definitely been helpful--him and Mark [Brunell]. You always need a guy there that you can count on."

Q: Once the Redskins' head coaching situation had settled, were you glad that the hire--Jim Zorn--was a former NFL quarterback?

A: "That's a positive. He was a quarterback for a long time and he was a quarterbacks coach the last seven years. It's difficult to go through change a lot, but at the same time it also can be a positive. Coach Zorn is a guy who has played in the NFL before and he's been through it all. You can relate to him. He knows the position and he has played the position. When you talk football and terminology with him, it's just like talking to a mentor."

Q: What did it mean to you to hear that Coach Zorn had designated you the starting quarterback?

A: "I didn't have to hear that. Deep down inside, I know I'm the starter of the team. This is my team. One thing I want to do is just focus on the things I need to do become one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, lead my team to playoffs and try to bring home a championship. That's our ultimate goal. One thing we have to do right now is just continue to build together and work together."

Q: How far along are you in learning the new offense?

A: "Right now, we really haven't started learning the offense. Coaches are finishing up the touches of the playbook. On the field, [quarterbacks] have been doing some footwork drills--just working on technique things to get us to where we need to be."

Q: You've played in a lot of different offenses in your college and NFL career. What do you like about the West Coast offense?

A: "It's quick-strike offense. It's an offense you can spread the ball around and at the same time you can be in control with it. You don't have to go for the [deep ball] every time. It's a high completion percentage offense, with a lot of options on where to throw the ball. With Antwaan [Randle El] and Santana [Moss], the quicker we get the ball into their hands, the more they can get an opportunity to make yards and get down the field."

Q: Is the footwork of this offense different than what you've done in the past?

A: "We're doing a lot of things that I haven't done before. Coach [Al] Saunders and Bill Lazor did a good job. Now it's Coach Zorn--and developing quarterbacks is his specialty. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with him this offseason and into training camp."

Q: Do you feel this offense suits you pretty well?

A: "Yeah. We'll find out once we start rolling. Right now, I'm just making sure I'm in good shape and staying on top of the [technique] things that Coach Zorn wants out of his quarterbacks, as far as moving around and being mobile."

Q: Coach Zorn is famous for his "Slip 'n' Slide" drills with his quarterbacks. Are you ready for that?

A: "I haven't done that in a while. [Laughs] Maybe this year I might slide a little bit more, but I don't want to take away from my game and not do the things I know I can do."

Q: How is your knee feeling two months removed from the dislocated patella injury?

A: "I don't feel [the injury] at all. I feel like I'm 100 percent. I'm healthy. I'm back working out and trying to get myself in the best shape possible."

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