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Campbell Post-Game: Redskins-Falcons

On losing the Redskins' 14-point lead against the Falcons:

"It's a tough situation when you're trying to throw the ball down the field and all that you get is short passes. You have to keep your head up. I guarantee I will fight to the end."

On learning from today's game compared to the past two:

"There are certain situations in each game. You try to take something from it. Overall, you've got to keep fighting."

On the questionable interception:

"I tried to shake him. He grabbed the back of my jersey. I tried to throw it away to set up good field goal position."

On the touchdown pass to Santana Moss (#89, WR):

"He did a good job of keeping the corner and in the end he got the ball."

On his passing style:

"You don't want to turn into a running quarterback. You want to get pocket passes. Sometimes when you take off and run, you miss the other players that are already down the field."

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