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Campbell Post-Scrimmage Media Session

On what he learned in the Redskins-Ravens scrimmage:

"I feel like I had an opportunity to take some things away from the game. I think Baltimore's first team defense was a great preparation for me and it gave me an opportunity to see what the NFL game speed is like."

On his own performance in the scrimmage:

"Some things I thought I did really well came was when I got comfortable, just being relaxed and throwing the deep ball and just staying focused, taking one step at a time and even one play at a time. I had so many high expectations, hearing the fans cheering when I got onto the field; I was trying to press a little bit there early. Once I got relaxed and became myself, everything else just came naturally."

On if he expected to play as much as he did today:

"I was expecting to get about what I got today. In the pre-season I'm going to get a whole lot and there's going to be a lot of things thrown at me. I'm just looking forward to that and I was happy to have the opportunity to get back into the game mode, that's the main thing. It's different in practice, because here you get into the game mode and you get an opportunity to play in front of your home fans and just get those first game jitters out of our way and you get back to the way you used to do things."

On what it was like to compete against Baltimore's starting defense:

"Their defense was kind of teeing off, but that was a good experience for all of us to have the opportunity to go against those guys, especially their defensive backs because they've got some good ones. It was good to have the opportunity to go out there and try to play against them and just see what it's like at the top NFL defense level."

On his confidence level at this point in Training Camp:

"As far as confidence, I have all the confidence in the world in what I can do so I'm just trying to get back into that game mode and get into that feeling."

On whether there have been any surprise players on offense:

"Mike Espy (WR, #11) has been a guy who has really been surprising this whole offseason up here. He's a guy that I played against at Ole Miss and I knew he could catch the ball and I knew he could run good routes. He's been watching Santana (Moss, WR, #89) a lot and he's been taking notes from what Santana does. He's been doing a tremendous job this Training Camp. He's a guy that has been stepping his game up and I'm looking forward to throwing to him in the preseason."

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