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Carlos Rogers Media Session

On watching his interception against the Arizona Cardinals:

"The only thing that I watch is ESPN, so I have seen the play a dozen times. Right now, I'm just watching the whole film from yesterday's game to see the things we did and didn't do well."

On what was going through his mind as the interception play was happening:

"I remember coming over the top of Larry Fitzgerald and running straight to the middle of the field. The next thing you know the ball popped up in the air and I caught it."

On his feelings about the interception against the Arizona Cardinals:

"I was happy. After dropping so many passes, being able to catch one in the key moment of the game was great. I was just happy to be out there competing after going through being injured."

On the challenge of facing the Dallas Cowboys:

"We enjoy the challenge. Every week in the NFL there is a new group of wide receivers with a better offense, or better quarterback, but so far we seem to be shutting them down. We have the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles coming up so we have to continue to work hard, but it's not going to be easy."

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