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Casey Rabach Introduced As a Redskin


Opening Statement:

"Let me go over a few things about Casey that we feel are important. We feel our offensive line is very strong and very deep. We didn't expect to do very much in that situation. Coach Buges (Joe Bugel) has got a great group. We feel we are real talented there having done Chris' (Samuels) deal. So we felt real good about that. As we started researching free agency it became obvious to us that Casey might be available. I think what this gives us in an area that we feel is very strong, it adds a person with real versatility.

"In fact in college at Wisconsin, Casey was one of the few players ever to receive All-Big Ten conference awards at two different positions. We go back on our research. We dug out everything. We got him playing guard and starting in the NFL and of course starting at center last year. We felt it added somebody that gave us versatility inside.

"Cory Raymer is an important guy to us. We think he has been a great Redskin and a terrific guy. What I think we will have here in Casey is somebody that could start at center for us and also gives us great flexibility inside being able to play guard. I think he fits perfectly for us."

"We are really excited. Casey was the third pick of the Ravens when he came out. I think the 59th pick in the country. He helped Jamal Lewis pile up all of those yards. We think he is a natural fit for us. Most importantly for us in getting Nicole (Rabach) and Casey to come our way was the fact that we think he is the right kind of person."


On signing with the Redskins:

"I am really excited about being here. I am real excited to play for Coach Buges (Joe Bugel) and Coach Gibbs a couple of coaching legends in my mind. I am looking forward to meeting all of the guys, getting into the system real fast, getting this thing started and having a great season."

On if he knew Cory Raymer before coming here because they both went to Wisconsin:

"I know Cory a little bit. Cory came out a couple of years before I got to Wisconsin. It is amazing the kind of string that has been coming out of Wisconsin, especially at the center position. Obviously there is something partial to a guy from your own alum. I am real excited to work with him and get to know him better."

On why he signed so quickly with the Redskins:

"I think it is just playing for Coach Buges and playing for Coach Gibbs is just a real good fit. I think that the Redskins are real close to breaking through to be a playoff team and go on to the Super Bowl and that was a big part of it. The kind of guys that are on the team I know a few of them that are just real great guys and high class guys. The organization itself was a big standout for me. I am real excited about it. When you know you feel right and it is the right fit for you, why wait around?"

On if it was hard deciding to leave the Baltimore Ravens:

"The decision was so easy to make to come here to the organization like it is and the coaching staff and everything that is exciting about the Redskins with their history. The decision was not hard"

On if he was surprised that Baltimore did not try to keep him:

"I knew the day was coming. They had their starting center up there and they made that clear signing Mike (Flynn) back. There are no ill feelings towards them. I think Coach Billick and the whole staff is a great organization. It was just time to move on. What a great feeling it was to come down here, everything kind of fell into place."

On if he feels more comfortable at center or guard:

"I think center is more of my natural position just from the time I spent at center, but I feel confident and comfortable no matter where I play on the line in the interior three positions. I think that is one thing like Coach Gibbs said earlier that carries a lot of weight in their decision to pick me up with the versatility that I can play in either one of those positions."

On how fortunate it was that he got the opportunity to start all last season at center:

"It is amazing how things worked out this year. Obviously Mike Flynn went down with a broken clavicle and I was really fighting for that right guard spot. Being a 16 game starter at center was huge coming into a free agency year. I think it showed a lot of teams around the league, especially the Washington Redskins, what kind of player I am and what I bring to the table."

On what he feels he brings to the team other than his versatility:

"I think my athleticism. I just love the game. I think that is something that every NFL player that wants to succeed really needs, just to have a love for the game. I am glad the business side is over now because now I can get back to working out and concentrate on playing football again."

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