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Talofa! (That's Samoan for Hello).

My name is Catrina, I'm born and raised in Hawaii and am a very unique and amazing mix of 5 ethnicities: I'm Samoan, Mexican, Irish, German and Chinese.

I recently graduated from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and am currently working towards obtaining my M.S. Ed at Johns Hopkins University. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue my J.D., while continuing to advocate for educational reform and closing the achievement gap in underprivileged school systems.

I strongly believe you can achieve anything and everything you put your heart and mind to and I am determined to accomplish everything I set out for. I always strive to inspire and encourage those around me to do the same for I've learned that reaching out to others with a genuine sense of altruism in your heart is possibly one of the greatest satisfactions in life.

Above everything else, I'm a little kid at heart and I love to be silly and have a great time. The best day of all is game day! I'm extremely excited to represent the best team in the NFL and to meet with every single one of you. Nothing can compare to the surge of energy and enthusiasm I get on my way to the stadium-you all get my adrenaline pumping like crazy!


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