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Charles Davis Likes How The Redskins Are Building


The NFL Network analyst discussed Kirk Cousins' future, which positions have the most depth in this year's draft and the team's trajectory.

NFL Network's Charles Davis spent the majority of the NFL Combine watching college prospects participate in drills inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Which is to say, in addition to watching game footage and tape for the majority of the 330 players that descended upon Indianapolis a few weeks ago, Davis has a strong understanding of this year's NFL Draft class.

He's also been impressed with quarterback Kirk Cousins. Back in 2012, Davis was a supporter of the Redskins' decision to draft Cousins after selecting Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick. Five years later, Cousins has become a key ingredient to the organization, noted in the two consecutive franchise tags he's signed.

Davis knows that while this is not entirely an ideal financial situation, he believes Cousins will handle this upcoming year in the same way he always has – being a leader and fighting through the insecurity of an unknown future.

"Bottom line is that it seems to me that they like him a lot," Davis said of the Redskins. "I know the head coach likes him, so hopefully for his sake and for the team's sake he plays another year and plays well and they finally find a way to get it done." spoke with Davis more about the team's plans for the draft and which players he believes should be receiving more attention.

After the Redskins drafted wide receiver Josh Doctson in the first round last year, Davis doesn't necessarily see the team taking another receiver so early.

"That's going to be interesting to see. It also depends of Josh Doctson heals. How is he doing since it will be a second year in a row. The depth of the draft is cornerback, safety, wide receiver and a bunch of runners which is a place I don't think they want to go. With the offensive line you may want to go early because there might not be as many as there was in the past."

Because there is so much depth at receiver, running back and defensive back, the Redskins don't need to spend early picks on those positions.

"I think either receiver or defensive backs [have the most depth]. You can get guys all the way through and I haven't said that in the past. This year I think there is way more depth that way. I also feel the same way with running backs. Again you can go really deep which is not a priority for Washington but I think this is one of the bigger and better running back groups we've had in a long time."

Davis thinks there is a clear No. 1 running back in the the draft class.

"It's hard to gauge but I think Leonard Fournette is the top guy. McCaffrey, who I predicted to come in and have a monster combine, did exactly what I said besides bench press, but he will get in the weight room and work that part out. He ran a sub 4.5 and caught the ball better than any other running back. He can return kicks and be a slot guy. I love him, but the only thing is his size being at 202 pounds. I think he is just a special type of player that maybe we are trying to overlook and I wouldn't do that. I would go get that kid and find a way to play him. Alvin Kamara from Tennessee did a nice job. Dalvin Cook is an excellent player, not as fast as what people might of thought but again look at the tape, he has done pretty well overall. But then you can go deeper, with a kid like Tarik Cohen, he showed up big [at the Combine], ran really well and caught the ball. Size is going to be an issue for him but he jumps off the screen on tape."

This year's sleeper pick is on the offensive line.

"This Sean Harlow kid from Oregon State, I really like his movement and liked what he was doing. His dad was a first round pick for New England back in the day. There has to be some skill and some carry over. I thought he did a nice job [at the Combine]."

Davis likes the trajectory that the Redskins are taking.

"I really do. I thought that last year they had some unfortunate bounces go against them in games because they were clearly a team that was pressing for the playoffs and of course Dallas had the year they had and made stretched out the division."

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