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Cheerleaders Are Getting World's Attention

The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders are taking Bangalore by storm, and it has not gone unnoticed by the world's media.

On April 10, 12 Redskins Cheerleaders and two choreographers traveled to Bangalore, India to create the first-ever cheerleading squad in that country for cricket's Royal Challengers Bangalore team.

The group held the first ever pro cheerleader audition on April 13. They will be touring the country for 18 days and cheering at the first four games for the Royal Challengers.

Since their arrival, the cheerleaders have been on television throughout India, as well as interviewed by the BBC, ABC News and other news outlets.

As the New York Times said in an article published Tuesday entitled "India's Game, U.S. Spice": "In the blink of an eye, India has gone from faith, prudence and chastity to...Brittany, Courtney and Tiffani. On Sunday, a team of Washington Redskins cheerleaders landed in Bangalore to help create India's first cheerleading squad."

And in a statement of cultural significance the cheerleaders had never anticipated, the author of the Times article concluded: "With the Redskins cheerleaders on Indian soil, one can safely declare that the British cultural influence in India has been entirely replaced by an American one, cricket notwithstanding."

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