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Chris Cooley Training Camp Media Session

On how the offense will look with him and TE Fred Davis on the field together:
"Fred (Davis) and I both have the goal to be on the field as much as possible. We think that the two of us can benefit this team. And this offense, the way it's coached, the best 11 players will be on the football field. We're kind of both competing together against the receivers."

On how he and Fred Davis can complement each other:
"I think we can do a lot of things. Both of us are capable of blocking. I think both of us have proven enough that we're very capable of catching the ball. We can move around a lot – a lot of motions, a lot of shifts. Hopefully you can get a good mix of run pass."

On QB Donovan McNabb:
"Donovan has the intangibles of a quarterback. He just does everything that you expect out of your leader. You're not looking at someone that's trying to lead this team. You're looking at a guy that just does it. He takes over. He wants to make plays. He knows what it takes to win and you clearly see that from him. Since the day he got here you could see that from him. We have all enjoyed having him here."

On Head Coach Mike Shanahan:
"I've been very impressed by the way we practice. I think you never know what you're going to get when you come into training camp. And I couldn't ask for anything more from us than to just go out there and run a ton of plays. It's unbelievable how much of our offense we have installed being here in two days. I feel like we're two-thirds through. We probably ran 100 football plays out there on the field today. There's something that you can't make up for actually running the plays. To actually see them work against the defense. I know that a lot of teams work on individual drills and tackling and all kinds of things but we're pros and we should be at the point where we should just run plays. I think it is the best way for us to mesh as a team."

On why the offense is so far along after two days of training camp:
"We're here in March and we started installing the offense. We took it slower during the spring but I think (Offensive Coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) felt like as soon as he could get this offense in we could start running all the plays. He was going to do it and working on it. They fly through the install. You got to be there. You got to be focused."

On S LaRon Landry's approach to practice:
"It's kind of what you would call a thud tempo. Most guys just bump up against you when you have the ball. LaRon likes to go into the full tackling mode. He's in scrimmage mode at all times. We talked about it in the locker room and he said, 'Why are you giving me a hard time?' I said you are the only one that tackles. So if you're going to tackle me I am going to give you a hard time about it. You're going to have to deal with that. He laughs. You know what you're getting out of No. 30. He's not making us worse he's making everyone better. He loves playing the game, he is an extreme competitor and you can't ask for more out of a guy. It's never fun to get tackled the second day of training camp but its football."

On how Head Coach Mike Shanahan is creating competition among every position:
"I think there is competition at every position. But I think there is competition at least offensively to get attention in this offense. You look for guys that can make plays. You look for the guys that you can put in and count on. So a lot times we say we're competing with the receivers for different routes. Or we're competing with the running backs for different routes. There's competition everywhere to get the ball and to be a part of the offense to help the team."

On playing the spread formation with TE Fred Davis:
"I think it makes us very versatile because I truly feel like we're capable of running the ball well with the two of us in. That sets up play action and along from that you can spread it out and throw the ball. So defenses will have to guess. A big thing that defenses do is see what personnel is in the game and then they can play percentages of what some an offense does. I think we can be 50-50 with everything and that can be a huge advantage for us."

On re-establishing his reputation as a player who never misses practices or games:
"I love being out here and I love being with the guys. It's so much fun to compete. It's something that I've dreamed of doing and something that I want to be the best at. It was very hard for me to sit out and watch last year and I can't wait to get out and start playing. I'm happy to be here getting better, but I can't wait for the first week. I want to play.

On if the optimism is different this season from past seasons:
"I think it's one of the best things about the NFL. There is optimism on all 32 teams every year, there is always the possibility that anyone can come together and be good. We're very excited about our football team. We're very excited about the prospects that the Washington Redskins can be a playoff team. I know our fans are buzzing but guys are buzzing in the locker room. Guys are pumped up about being here and we're ready to win football games."

On the natural optimism during training camp:
"I feel like we're going to win every year. We weren't great last year and I could have told you guys that we were a Super Bowl team. You never know in August."

On growing up watching the Denver Broncos:
"I grew up a Broncos fan. I was only 12-years old so I wasn't breaking down Shannon Sharpe's routes. I was just happy when he caught the ball."

On what he remembers about Shannon Sharpe in the Broncos offense:
"I just remember that they were so capable of moving the ball. They could score at anytime. To be a part of this offense is really neat for me. To sit down and talk to Mike Shanahan for the first time was kind of cool. I was in awe a little bit. I need to get over that and just play for him. I couldn't ask for more as far as our offseason and into camp."

On what he expects out of himself:
"I expect a ton out of myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself. I honestly believe that I'm my biggest critique. I will go in there right now and watch that whole practice. I'm really not happy with the way I practiced today. There's always stuff that I feel I could have done better. But I think this offense is going to give me every opportunity to make big plays and most importantly just to help our team."

On the pace difference between morning and late practices:
"I think the practice schedule is great. We have a completely football oriented hard practice in the morning for two-and-half hours. I lost seven pounds. But it switches to the mental aspect of things. We will walkthrough some of the mistakes. We will walkthrough different looks. Obviously our defense is a 3-4 defense and they're not going to come out and play a 4-3 at camp for us. We're going to spend some time in the walkthrough working on different defenses and different looks. I think there has to be something said for that or something to be said for guys staying fresh, but it's still tough."

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