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Chris Samuels Media Session

On being selected to the Pro Bowl:

"It means a lot from an individual standpoint but our team goal was to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. That didn't happen for us so I am disappointed, but it is a blessing to make the Pro Bowl again."

On having his peers vote him to the Pro Bowl:

"It means a lot. A lot of guys have respect for me around the league, they voted for me and the coaches did as well. The fans voted for me too and I appreciate that too."

On what he takes into consideration when he is voting for defensive ends:

"I vote for the guys who play the run just as tough as the pass. A lot of defensive ends on this level just want to rush the pass, get the sacks and look good. I respect the guy that is going to stick in there and make a lot of run stops."

On why being named to the Pro Bowl means so much:

"It is a great thing. It is a blessing for me to stay healthy all season and play well."

On playing the St. Louis Rams this week:

"Those guys are flying around and making plays. Leonard Little, I have been playing against him since college. He is an outstanding player. He is very fast off the ball, physical and is going to play hard. We definitely have our work cut out for us."

On what he needs to do to control Rams defensive end Leonard Little:

"Getting on him quick will be the key. If you back up and retreat he has a two or three way go on you and he has a lot of speed. The bull rush is always a deadly rush move that the defensive lineman use. If you can get on him quick and stop his feet early you can have success against him."

On what it would mean for the offensive line to help Ladell Betts rush for (RB, #46) 1,000 yards:

"It would mean a lot. I have always thought Ladell was a talented back for us. He always came in and made great moves for us with the one-two-punch. He has been doing an outstanding job. I definitely want to see him go over 1,000 yards. I am proud of him this season. We are going to work hard up front to get him that."

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