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Clinton Portis Media Session

On what he has been able to do recently:

"Right now we are just working on strengthening and trying to get it as strong as we possibly can with out doing too much. I came out and did some small things yesterday. Today we did mostly strengthening and conditioning."

On if there have been any setbacks:

"I am just trying to stay on top of things and build the strength up to where it stays the same and we don't have any setbacks."

On if he feels this will be a season-long injury:

"No, that is why we are trying to get it out of the way now. I am taking it easy now so I don't have to deal with it all season and then we can get it as strong as possible before a key stretch starts. We are trying to attack the problem early, build it up and get it back to firing and doing everything at the same page where I am not sore for two or three days after the game. That is what we are working on right now."

On if he will be able to handle more this week then he did last week:

"If you call my number I am not going to shy away from anything. If I am on the field I feel like I can handle being in that game. If I am not on the field then that is a different story."

On if he feels as good about the injury this week, compared to last week:

"I feel good about it but I last week I wasn't sore. Last week there weren't any bumps and bruises because I hadn't been hit. Going through the game, getting hit and having physical contact made it really sore. I am glad I came back last week."

On if there is any doubt that he is playing:

"Yeah, as far as I know I am playing unless something changes between today and Sunday"

On if he will start:

"You will have to talk to coach about that one. I would love to start. I would love to do everything. At the same time you have Ladell (Betts, RB, #46), Rock (Cartwright, RB #31) and T.J. (Duckett, RB, #36) who have been working hard day in and day out. I cant just come and overcast and over shadow them when they are focusing on the game plan and know everything that is going on. I know it too but they are putting in the work out here. It is only fair that they get their opportunity."

On playing Dallas this week and the possibility of starting the season 0-2:

"It is a bigger game. It is a divisional game and neither one of us wants to start 0-2 and we are going onto their turf. We just lost a home game and they lost a road game. To start off 0-2, with two losses in this division, you have too many good teams with Philly and New York being in the same division, somebody is going to run the table. Philly is looking good and they face New York this weekend. We would like to come out victorious."

On if he felt any different about playing coming into the game with an injury:

"I felt like I could be myself. Coach stressed that and that was his main concern that if I am not going to go out and play the way I play then don't go on the field. I told him If I suit up that is the only way I know how to play.' I don't know how to go out and play protection football and try to be safe. If I am on the field I have to play. I can't tell somebody "Hey bro take it easy. Don't run into me.' They are going to try and blast me. When I am on the field that is the only way I know how to play."

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