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Clinton Portis Media Session

On facing his former team for the first time:

"It's a special opportunity, but at the same time, we're going there to win as a team. It's not about me. It's not about [Broncos CB, #24] Champ [Bailey]. It's about our teams trying to do battle and advance."

On the keys to offensive success against Denver:

"They have a tough defense. We just have to go out and execute our game plan. We can't let them dictate what we do offensively. We have to continue to move the ball. If we continue to convert on third down and not make any turnovers, we'll be fine."

On whether the Broncos surprised him by trading him to Washington:

"I'm not surprised at anything that happens in this business. Look at [me], [Raiders WR, #18] Randy Moss, [Eagles WR, #81 Terrell Owens], and [other] guys of that caliber [who have switched teams]. You would never think that [Rams RB, #28] Marshall Faulk would get traded [from Indianapolis to St. Louis on 4/15/99] back in his prime. He probably was [playing] at a height that no one [at the running back position] had reached in this game, but it happened. Wherever you end up, you have to try to continue to be successful."

On coping with the altitude at which Denver is located:

"[The key] is pretty much getting in, getting out, and not letting the [altitude affect] your system. I think teams used to come out [to Denver] early, thinking that they would get acclimated to [the altitude]. That's the worst thing you can do. [Rather], go in as late as possible. Get in, play the game, and get out. I think it takes 72 hours for [the altitude to affect] your system. We won't be out there for even 24 hours."

On whether he returns to Denver with any resentment:

"The crowd didn't [trade me]. [This] is a business. [The Broncos] felt they needed a defensive player. They felt they could add anyone into the [running back position] and get a spark. I think [former Broncos and current Browns RB] Reuben [Droughns] played great last year. I think [current Broncos RB, #38] Mike [Anderson] is playing great this year. [A trade] is about the team and what the team feels it needs. They didn't feel they needed me. That's not the first time I felt unwanted, so I'm alright."

On the keys to Denver's balanced offense:

"You have two plays, the stretch [run] and the [bootleg] pass. You pick your poison. If you chase the [bootleg] and they hand the ball off, then you're in trouble. If you chase the run and they [run the bootleg], you're still in trouble. They execute so well. They have perfected [that system]. That's all they run. It's hard to stop."

On whether he is anxious to score his first touchdown of the 2005 season:

"I'm a little relieved because I realized that I scored last week [against Seattle]. It won't go down as a touchdown, but I did get the ball across the plane [of the goal line]. The refs didn't give it to me, but it helps my confidence knowing that I crossed that goal line. I didn't celebrate or get to do an end-zone dance, but I was in the end zone. I just have to get in there when it's official. With that one under my belt, hopefully this will be a breakout game. [But] as long as we keep winning, it doesn't matter."

On whether this is the week that he needs to rush for 100 yards:

"This is the week that we need to get a win. If we find a way to get a win without me getting [100 yards], I'm fine with that. This [game] is not about me. This [game] is about us as a team, trying to do something that has not been done around here in a long time. We're trying to go 4-0."

On Redskins LB, #56 LaVar Arrington's playing time through three games:

"The defense has chemistry. [Even though] LaVar is as great a player as he is, it's really hard to take a guy out of the lineup, [Redskins LB, #57] Warrick [Holdman], who's performing. That's an issue that they're having on defense. As a team, we're trying to not let that be a distraction. Everyone knows that LaVar is not playing and everyone wants LaVar on the field, but do you mess up your chemistry and change what's working for you to get him out there? Eventually, I know that he's going to get out there and make plays. When he does, we're all for it."

On how the Redskins defense is better served with LB, #56 LaVar Arrington on the bench:

"I wouldn't say that this team is better served not having a guy of that caliber [on the field]. I think we need that guy on the field. But I'm not the defensive coordinator, so I can't put him out there. As a team, we all know that he has talent. We all know that he wants to be on the field. We all know his passion for the game. Also as a teammate, I can't go to [assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams] and say, 'Put him out there right away.' The defensive coordinator has something going on that he feels is successful. He doesn't want to interfere with that. So, we'll wait to see LaVar get back on the field."

On embracing his reduced offensive production:

"Every player wants help around him. Help only makes you better. But when you get help, your help has to get the ball. So far, [WR, #89] Santana [Moss], [HB, #47 Chris] Cooley, [WR, #80 David] Patten, [WR, #83] James [Thrash], and those guys are making plays. We're finding a way to win. When you ask for help and finally get help, you have to accept it. You can't go out and pout about not getting the ball. We're trying to find a way to win. I wanted Santana here. I was one of the biggest fans for bringing him here [from the Jets]. Now that he's here and doing his thing, I'm happy for that. Whatever it takes for me, if that's downfield blocking or pass blocking, to get him involved in the game plan, that's what I'm trying to do."

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