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Clinton Portis Media Session

On how big a boost it is to have Ladell (Betts, RB, #46) and Rock (Cartwright, RB, #31) behind him on the depth chart:

"Our goal being as high as it is, for the amount of yards we want to pick up as a team, you can't put that on one person: 2,600 yards is a big thing. If we can contribute as a team than it is an accomplishment."

On what they have done the past two weeks that has helped the offense produce:

"Converting on third down and staying on the field. It all starts with first downs. As far as first downs we probably have one of the highest averages in the NFL. When you are (doing well) on first down you have second or third and short. It makes the conversions easier to convert and the drive easier to sustain."

On the offense appearing to be more comfortable with the offense:

"The first two weeks the guys didn't go out and play as a team. We didn't go out and do the things that we were capable of. There was a lot of pressure the first two weeks. If you look at the turnaround, there really has not been much pressure on Mark (Brunell, QB, #8), we got the running game to work, we are converting third downs and we have cut the penalties out. There is a lot that you have to attribute to that."

On Giants linebacker LaVar Arrington:

"LaVar is probably going to come out and play the best game of his life. I think you have to expect that. Everybody wanted LaVar here, I wanted LaVar here, and a lot of his teammates wanted him here. You have to understand that it was a business decision and that it was nothing personal. When we step on the field I am sure we are going to laugh and joke in between plays. When the play is going LaVar is getting paid to make a tackle and I am getting paid to make LaVar miss. We are going to have fun on the field."

On the Giants pass rush:

"Of course they are going to present trouble because they don't have to blitz anybody to get a pass rush. When you have two defensive ends that have the amount of sacks that they have year in and year out, and then they have the young guy coming in from Boston College who is going to be pretty good, when you have that kind of pressure from your front four it allows you to drop off and do other things. If the front four beats us then we are going to have a long day. You have to respect those guys and look forward to those guys coming out amped and ready to play."

On how big is it that the running backs are such a tight unit and how much of that causes the success for this offense:

"I think that is a big part. Not only do I take the onus on my shoulders in carrying this team but Ladell (Betts, RB, #46) feels the same way. Rock (Cartwright, RB, #31) does it also. You see Rock back in kickoff returns slamming the ball in there, making people miss and dragging people downfield. That is just the mentality out of that group. We have to carry this team. We have great receivers, quarterbacks, and every other position we have. As running backs we have the opportunity to put our hands on the ball. Rock improves our field position. Ladell and I go in and carry it and pound it."

On playing in New York:

"They win at home and we win at home. We are trying to go to New York and break that streak this week. We know it is going to be a tough game. Both times we went up there the turnover ratio is ridiculous. They pretty much embarrassed us both times we went there. We have to go in, be level headed, and come out and expect a tough game. It is going to be a physical game like last week. Hopefully we come out victorious."

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