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Clinton Portis Media Session

On the Tennessee Titans being one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL:

"They can go for it on fourth down, can onside kick at any and do anything else. When you are preparing for a team like this, how do you prepare? They can have trick plays or blitz you all game. What do they have to lose? You just have to be careful. You can't overlook this team. It is full of talent. It is just young. They have a lot of playmakers and we have to be prepared and ready."

On the Tennessee defense being the worst against the run based on the statistics:

"Well last week the Giants were one of the worst against the pass and they found a way to stop us. At some point in time every team has to turn it around. I don't want them to come in and stop us but at the same time you have to respect their team and look for them to bring you their best shot."

On if it is a coincidence that the Redskins have won every game in which he had a big game and lost when he hasn't:

"That just puts pressure on me to go out and perform. I can't do anything but step up to that challenge, put the pressure on myself and try to respond. When I have a big game I carry the team and when I don't we lose, so I need to have another big game."

On if it will take another win to bring back him dressing up:

"Last week I was just in a mood to do that. I thought everyone would be thrown off by it. A win is going to get things back on track around here. We are not at the end of the season and we are not out of the picture. We are looking for one win right now and we need to get that on Sunday."

On this being a big game because losing to the Titans would really put them behind the eight-ball:

"If we lose to anybody it is going to put us behind the eight-ball. We already lost three games that we didn't want to lose. All losses now are going to be costly for us. We need to take advantage of the games that we have an opportunity to win and hopefully we can win the rest of our games. Any loss can damage our season right now."

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