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Clinton Portis Media Session

On if the run game is important to help keep the Indianapolis offense off of the field:

"That is everyone in the NFL. You don't want Peyton Manning and that explosive offense on the field. Anyone is going to want to establish the run game. We feel that is our strong point and we want to establish it also."

On if he feels that he and Al Saunders (Associate Head Coach-Offense) are still trying to get on the same page:

"It is obvious what I like. I think I just have to adapt to his game plan. The game plan is not made to suit me. It is a team effort. It is made to spread the ball around and get touches to all of the playmakers. Right now I just have not been getting the carries that I would expect to get. Eventually it will come. It is early in the season and it is a slow grind."

On facing the worst run defense in the NFL:

"Week in and week out you never know how people are going to step up and face the challenge. If they know they have the worst run defense you figure they are going to work on that and come up with something we haven't seen. We have to go in and expect to get their best shot."

On the best way to establish the run:

"It is not hard. You call a running play hit or miss. Stick with it and don't abandon the run. We know we have to keep Peyton (Manning) off of the field and that we have to keep Marvin (Harrison) and Reggie Wayne off of the field. The only way we can do that is if we find a way to stay on the field."

On if he is asking for the ball more from the coaches:

"Coaches have heard me call for the ball for three years now. This is not a shock that I want the ball. I don't think that people think I am shying away from the ball. It was just trying to get the whole team involved, trying to establish some identity and get things going. We have not done that so hopefully we go to what we know we can do and that is run the ball."

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