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Clinton Portis Media Session

On playing against the Eagles:

"It is a big task any week. It is the NFC East. It doesn't matter if they are coming off of the bye week, a three game win streak or a three game losing streak. Anytime you play an NFC East rival it is going to be a big game. The pressure is going to be there. No matter what happens in the past, for some reason teams get up for a rivalry match-up."

On getting stopped on the goal line against Dallas:

"I just looked at film again today and I crossed the goal line. For whatever reason we didn't get in, we didn't get in. On one of those plays I crossed the goal line. If they would have replayed it in the stadium we could have challenged that and I would have had a touchdown. At the same time it happened. You have to give credit to Dallas with their backs against the wall, getting down on the goal line and coming up with a stop."

On if he would have any issue with T.J. Duckett getting touches in goal line situations:

"That is the team. Whatever they decide to do I am just a part of this team. I don't call the shots. I don't run this organization. If they choose to go elsewhere they choose to go elsewhere."

On all of his injuries and if he is concerned about the long haul:

"You have to just keep playing and take it one game at a time. As long as I can play this week then when next week comes we will worry about it. If my number is called and I can't go then Ladell (Betts, RB, #46), T.J. (Duckett, RB, #36), Rock (Cartwright, RB, #31) will have to carry the load."

On if it has been the most frustrating season for him because of the injuries and lack of production:

"It is frustrating but I am at one with myself. I am happy right now. I love being a part of this organization. If you look at the big picture, this is a game. You want to win all the time but when you look at life, my life off of the field is marvelous. I enjoy it. I go home peaceful with a clear mind. I am living and I am happy. There are other things you look forward to in life."

On if he is getting a little more beat up this year than last year:

"This year has been difficult. I always get tackled but for some reason it has been real awkward falls. If I can make it through this year I am happy. Just having this opportunity and fighting with my team I am going to be alright."

On the difference from being in Denver a few years ago and being in Washington now:

"When I was in Denver there was no pressure on me. I was new to the NFL. I was looking forward to establishing myself. I wanted to go out and be one of the big names. I was having fun because there was no pressure. Once I became a Redskin it turned fromm having fun to pressure. You have to carry an organization and all the worries that come with the Redskins. Once you start carrying that then you are asked to step up and be a leader. You have to lead other people. I can't just go out, have fun and be careless. I am not 20 or 21 anymore. I just turned 25. I have to pick the guys up around me. When someone comes in to replace me, I have to encourage instead of being frustrated that someone might come in and take my job. I just have to keep going and keep giving what I can give in trying to lead this team to a Super Bowl."

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