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Clinton Portis Media Session, Wild Card Week

On whether he asked Redskins coaches for more carries following the team's Week 11 game versus Oakland:

"I really didn't have to go to the coaches. They know me and what I can do. They know what the winning formula is around here. I've been at this for a long time, and that's the winning formula in football. Either you stuff it down their throats or they stuff it down your throat."

On whether the Redskins were searching for an identity when the team traveled to Tampa in Week 10:

"We always knew who we are. It's a tough game. You win some, you lose some. This trip is totally different. All the marbles are on the line. If we win, we keep playing. If we lose, we go home."

On whether the Redskins missed an opportunity at Tampa Bay in Week 10:

"It's not a missed opportunity because we're back there again. There's no need to panic. We're back again. It didn't cost us anything. Everyone is 0-0. It's a new season. If we win this time, [then] who cares about the first game?"

On the extent to which he and his teammates appreciate the opportunity to participate in postseason play:

"We're in a perfect situation. It's hard to come by, like Coach [Joe Gibbs] said. I think we have a couple of coaches who have been in the league for 18 years and have made it to the playoffs six times. The other twelve years, they didn't make it. You win some, you lose some. [Redskins LB, #56] LaVar [Arrington] talked about [how], when you're coming out of college, you feel like, We're going to the Super Bowl. We're going to win.' And here it is, four years later, and I've been to the playoffs one time. With this being my second opportunity and me knowing that the playoffs are hard to get to and don't come by every year, we have to make the most of this situation."

On whether the Redskins can win the Super Bowl:

"Yeah, why not us? Someone has to win. Why not let it be us? We've gone out, executed, and played to get where we're at. Every week, we've had to play like it was our last game. Don't lose that attitude now. Don't lose that motivation. We've been in a situation for the last five weeks where, if we lose, that's it for us and we're going home. Now, the pressure really is on for everyone else, but we've been going through this."

On how he has managed to lead in the locker room while maintaining his personal style:

"By getting the other guys involved. I wasn't trying to do it by myself. I kid you not, I didn't pick this outfit out on my own. I keep the other guys motivated and let them know that everyone is going to make mistakes. The best thing about it is the recovery period. The quicker you recover, the better you're going to be."

On how a University of Miami connection has shaped the relationship between him, S, #21 Sean Taylor, and WR, #89 Santana Moss in Washington:

"Before every game, me, [S, #21] Sean [Taylor], and [WR, #89] Santana [Moss] come out together. After every play and walking on and off the field, we always greet each other and tell each other, when [Santana and I] step on the field, Sean Taylor puts it on us. When [Taylor] steps on the field, we tell him that he has to make a play. Just coming from The U' and knowing the capabilities and character of those guys, you really don't want to let them down. Once [we] start playing, other guys see how we play for each other and depend on each other, and it spreads throughout the locker room. Having the fun that we've had from being [together] in college, guys want that fun on the professional level. I think it's growing throughout our locker room."

On how his current physical condition compares to that when he entered the 2003 playoffs with Denver:

"I'm banged up again. At the end of the season, you're going to be banged up. If you're not, then you haven't been doing much. I'm not too banged up not to play. I'll be on the field. If I can go another month, I have plenty of time to rest in the off-season. I'm just taking it one day at a time, getting treatment, going to therapy, and taking care of my body."

On how his performances over the past five games compare to his playoff season in Denver:

"I really haven't had a chance to sit and analyze it. I can recall the last five weeks of my second season in Denver. [I had] a five-touchdown, 220-yard game, a 100-[plus]-yard game, and a 170-yard game. [But] this is the most meaningful stretch that I've had. As far as numbers, my numbers haven't been sky-high, but knowing what the situation was, what was placed on me, and that teams were trying to stop me, I just went out to still produce and help us find a way to win. It wasn't spectacular runs week in and week out. It was just a grind period blitz pick-up and the extra stuff that got us to where we're at now."

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