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Clinton Portis Post-Game Press Conference

On his emotions after being hurt in the first preseason game:

"It's football. It can happen at any point to anybody. I was hustling after the ball and trying to make a play."

On if he agrees with other veteran players around the league who speak about shortening the preseason:

"I agree with them. We have mandatory and optional preseason training and conditioning all offseason. This is my livelihood. If you understand your position and know what you are after, you will show up ready and in shape for the season. You are not going to jeopardize your career, going out partying two days before a game. Most of the guys in the NFL have common sense, and I would expect them to come into the season in shape. The preseason is a time to evaluate guys who are unproven. But injuries happen in football, and they can happen at any time."

On if it is hard to accept that he was injured in a meaningless game:

"I agree with what you just said. I was trying to stop them from scoring on the interception and stepped in front of the play and injured my shoulder."

On if there is any pain or numbness in his shoulder:

"Of course there is pain. This is football. As soon as I hit him, I knew I had hurt it."

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