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Clinton Portis Training Camp Media Session

On if Mike Shanahan addressed him as being the starter:
"No you know I never worry about the depth chart man. I am confident in my ability and knowing that I am healthy, it's a friendly competition. As you all say it's open for the best man to win, so we will see who will prepare."

On if he thinks he is in better shape than previous camps:
"I do actually, coming in and having the opportunity to be here all offseason and participating in a real offseason program, not coming in with anything lingering, having the opportunity to recover I feel great."

On if the concussion from last season motivated him to do well this season:
"Yeah, I actually do. It's like out of sight out of mind. With myself having a concussion which was an unfortunate situation, it was like all of a sudden I disappeared off the face of the earth due to a concussion. Everybody felt like I fell off, you really see people's true opinions. Everybody wrote me off, everybody felt like I was over and done with, but I had a concussion, I recovered, I'm back, I'm healthy and I'm looking forward to helping this team win."

On if the new running backs are pushing him:
"Just the competition, you know I feel like Ladell (Betts) is a great back. Having Larry (Johnson) and Willie (Parker), Keiland (Williams), Ryan (Torain) and having those guys it's just a difference. Being in the NFL you see people come and go year in and year out, it's a business. Having the opportunity to play with Willie and Larry, two people that are proven in the NFL, it just helps us. I think all the pressure is gone. We know we can come in and whoever gets going is going to play."

On how Donovan McNabb has fit in:"I think it's been a smooth transition. I think a lot of people around here loved playing with Jason (Campbell), but when you get the opportunity to get a Donovan McNabb and learn from a Donovan McNabb and see the way he coordinate the huddle and operate up and down the field you look forward to it."
On if McNabb has rubbed off on the offense:
"I wouldn't say that it was Donovan that rubbed off on guys. I think it was the organization. With Coach Shanahan coming in setting the rules, everybody abiding by the same rules, I think that it has players buying in. It was like if you want to be a part of this team then be a part of it. He gave the people the opportunity to get up out of here so this is our team and this is who we are going to fight with."

On his thoughts of the first day of training camp:
"Having fun. I think being away from football you get the opportunity to hear all the naysayers. For myself, I know football is about having fun and coming in to this organization where Coach Shanahan says he's the one with the pressure and everybody needs to go out and play and do the things that he asks you to do. Play football and have fun doing it. I think that gave all of us the opportunity to not worry about off-the-field problems that we've been worrying about, the public relations problems and everything else that leaked out in this organization. So just having a better organization and having something ran at a professional level makes everything a lot easier."

On what bothered him about the concussion:"Everything that happened with it being reported, it was crazy around here, but it is a new year and we got a new opportunity and we are looking forward to it."

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