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Coach's Corner: Gregg Williams

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. This week: assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams discusses second-year cornerback Carlos Rogers:

"We haven't had our whole starting unit together since training camp. That's good to have them all back. There's been good energy and these past two weeks have been very good, even for the young guys.

"You should see the smile on the faces of Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers. There has been a lot of communication going on the field and I think Shawn has done a very good job in the games that he's played in so far. He has his legs again. He's ready to go.

"Carlos has matured in many ways. He's much more comfortable in a lot of ways. He's able to take ownership and say, 'There were some plays out there that I should have made with my ability.' That's good to hear. That's why we brought him here. We want him to think that way.

"He has good enough hands that if he gets one hand on the ball, he thinks he should catch it. If he gets two hands on the ball, there's no excuse for not catching it. He knows those are the things we want him to do because he can make a difference.

"Injuries have held him back a little bit. You have to get young players on the field to get them through experience mistakes. As much as you'd like to as a coach, you can't show players every single thing on the field such as game speed and game stress.

"Carlos plays so hard that sometimes he has pieces of machinery fall off. He has wrecks. Another guy I coached like that was [Redskins safeties-passing game coordinator] Steve Jackson. He played so hard hthat e was playing outside of his body sometimes. We want Carlos to play with that same passion that he plays with.

"With everybody back, we should be able to use every defensive package we have. With Shawn and Carlos back, it should help the pass rush. Coverage helps the pass rush--it's hand in hand. And pass rush helps the coverage. One of the things we've talked about is that we have to challenge receivers more so that we have a chance to get there in pass rush. Hoepfully, that'll work out."

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