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Coach's Corner: Gregg Williams

*Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. This week: assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams discusses safety Sean Taylor: *

"There are some players who are just always around the ball. I wish I could say that we could coach that, but you're born with those types of things--the game instincts of being where the opposition wants to play the defense. Sean has very good instincts about that.

"He's very active in the run front. Even when he is in particular run fronts, he's working very hard to create a takeaway or make plays around the ball.

"You have to be good around the ball. Blocks don't score--the guy with the ball scores. He has very good instincts on those types of things.

"Sean is very prideful. Anytime you're a dominant player the way he wants to be a dominant player, you're always going to be self-critical. I'm that way as a coach. Marcus [Washington] is that way as a linebacker. Cornelius [Griffin] is that way as a defensive tackle and Sean is that way as a safety. That just comes with the territory.

"Hopefully, Troy Vincent can help make him even more comfortable. But you know what, for Sean it's about going out there and making plays yourself. That's the one thing about when you're juggling people in and out, which we typically do, you have to be comfortable with who you're playing.

"Some of the alerts and the thought processes on the alerts on big plays from the other team--Troy can help Sean with that. Troy does a very good job with that and takes some of the pressure of the other safety. That's fine. That's why he's back there."

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