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Coach's Corner: Jackson On Landry, Taylor

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. This week: passing game coordinator-safeties coach Steve Jackson discusses LaRon Landry and Sean Taylor.

"LaRon Landry has looked good since the moment he arrived at camp. He is in great shape. With limited meeting time, he has been able to really pick things up.

"He took his playbook with him [when he left after mini-camp last June], so he wasn't that far behind at all when he arrived for training camp. LaRon can cover tight ends, he can cover backs, and he can get out on the slot and cover wide receivers. The biggest thing about LaRon is his attitude towards covering. He's not afraid of wide receivers. He wants to take on the matchup.

"He's a lot like Sean Taylor in that respect. It doesn't matter who is out there, as long as you put somebody out there for him to cover.

"Generally, when you're a No. 6 pick, you have a lot of strengths and very few weaknesses. We're going to play LaRon at everything we think he does well. There will be things we find out he can do very well and some things he does just well.

"Even though we have six safeties on the roster, it's not really a challenge to figure out to use them all. They can do pretty much everything, and they all work well together.

"Actually, the person who benefits the most is special teams coordinator Danny Smith, since they all play special teams and do very well in that. They add depth to the entire team, more than just the safety position.

"Sean Taylor has had a consistent camp. He has had a lot of enthusiasm. He has been making plays and he gets better every day.

"He's trying to do more things right now than what we're asking him to do. We're just trying to get him to focus on one thing at a time right now. But he's still the same Sean Taylor. He wants to be an aggressive football player and he's still going to be attacking.

"Anytime you simplify for anybody, it makes it a lot easier. Guys don't have to think as much. They can just go out there and let their instincts and natural abilities take over."
On the team's unity:

"We're very comfortable with the unity on the team. Everybody knows each other. Guys have either been here or are coming to our strong nucleus that we have. We didn't have it last year. We had it two years ago. We had it three years ago. I think we'll be back to where we were."

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