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Coach's Corner: Joe Gibbs

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. This week: head coach Joe Gibbs discusses the team's approach to getting back on the winning track:

"The person who makes a lot of the decisions out here is standing in front of you. When we're unproductive, the first place for me to look is myself. The one thing I can say to all of our fans, and hopefully they can feel this, is 'We care deeply about it. I do. We're giving a great effort. No one is going to work harder and no one is going to care more.'

"My past experience with this, just like anything else in life, is to work hard, go after it, tear it apart and try to do every single thing you can in these next two weeks.

"This week at Redskins Park, the offensive coaches have basically reviewed the season up until now. We looked at every pass play and every run play.

"We've looked at all of the things we've done up until now and how productive they were. You go back and look at the plays you ran at certain times, and you go through the whole running game and the whole passing game.

"We got an evaluation and then presented it to the players. Then we went out and practiced some things that we need to improve on.

"We have a pretty good feeling of where we need to improve in the passing game and the running game, the plays we need to throw out, the plays we need to run more of and the things we need to major in and get really good at.

"We did a good job of evaluating where we were, how we got to where we are right now and the things that we have done well this year and last year. Our guys are smart. The players who were here last year put together a good string of five consecutive wins to make the postseason. But you have to earn it.

"We have a very tough schedule in and out of the division. You take each one of them at a time. Our whole focus right now is always the next game. Our next game is against Dallas and we focus on what can we do to put ourselves in the best position to play the best game we can against them.

"Our guys right now are hungry to get a win. We aren't thinking about a lot of strategy in the future. We are just thinking about the next opponent being Dallas who is in our division and it is at home."

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