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Collins Says Momentum 'Turned Quickly'

On the game overall:

"We are extremely disappointed. We thought over the last few weeks that things might be in the cards for us. I thought that they were turning that way early in the fourth quarter when we took the lead 14-13 but then things started to turn the other way. It is very disappointing that things can turn so quickly like that."

On effectiveness of the Seattle pass rush:

"Yeah, they did a great job rushing the passer, the ends and the tackles were very good rushers today so you have to give them credit. They made more plays that us today."

On what happned on the pass to Santana Moss:

"I didn't really see it I was on my back when the ball was in the air. From what I heard he might have just lost it, he never saw it. I got hit so I didn't see what happened."

On how tough the last several weeks have been:

"Yeah, it has been tough but it's been a good month of football for us. It's been the best month for us all season. We have really come together as a team and been having fun. Our defense came out this first half and played great, just carrying over what they played these last four weeks. We wanted this to keep going, we felt like the roll we were on we were meant to go forward in these playoffs but it wasn't meant to be today."

On the noise:

"Yeah, the crowd is a big part, it is even hard to call a play in the huddle because the crowd is so loud. The snap count is a very hard to hear, it definitely helps their defense and it's a great home field advantage."

On if this is the loudest place he has played:
"Yeah, it's up there. Ohio State is pretty loud, but in that closed end it's really loud."

On the kickoff that was recovered by Washington:

"That was a missed opportunity there. We scored two touchdowns and we thought that we were going to go down and score there. We would have been up 21-13. That was a pivotal moment in the game. Tried to get one down to Chris Cooley at the two, incomplete on third down and missed the field goal. So you have to convert those. I didn't see exactly what happened on the kick-off where they turned it over but you have to turn those into points in the playoffs."

On what sort of transitions this team will go through:

"I think that the bonds that we have developed are pretty deep. I know that guys move around and there is always going to be change in the NFL but with Coach Gibbs, it's important to keep the core guys. So I am sure that he will find a way to keep the core guys to keep building on what we did here this season."

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