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Media roundup | Cole Holcomb proud of Jamin Davis' growth

07292022 Training Camp EF267

The Washington Commanders have wrapped up their first fully padded practice of training camp, and Ron Rivera, Cole Holcomb and Jahan Dotson all addressed the media. Here are some of the highlights from their press conferences.

Ron Rivera

On the first day of pads:

  • "Well, probably the biggest thing obviously is the intensity gets ramped up and just wanna make sure that as we ramp this intensity up, we are doing things the right way. We don't wanna lose our focus and our intent in terms of developing, learning and growing, just because we got the pads on. We gotta play within ourselves. Lots of good things on tape that we're looking forward to watching as a coaching staff."

On some of the action on the line:

  • Well, it's one of those things where understanding how to practice when you're just in helmet and shells, as opposed to helmet and pads is a much different thing. Usually it favors the D-Line when you don't have pads on. Now, that you got pads on it kind of evens up. You're trying to really see the offensive line with some of their movements and being able to get some push, stuff like that. Whereas with the defense, watching those guys, trying to make sure to get into their creases and holding their ground."

On DE Montez Sweat:

  • "I just think he's comfortable in what we're doing and with that comes confidence. So again, I think he's in a good place. Very happy with the work we're getting from Montez."

On viewing some of the receivers from a receiver perspective and punt return perspective:

  • "I think the biggest thing is you just separate that you're looking for need on offense, But also in the back of your mind, you do know how important the punt catcher is. We feel good about both those guys, as we do a few other guys."

On LB Jamin Davis's progression:

  • "Very happy with it. You see a lot of good and positive things from Jamin right now. He's much more comfortable with what we're doing and how we're doing it. He's picked up the way we do things in terms of reads and drops. Reading through his drops and understanding the concepts is really big and he's done a nice job with that. So very pleased with that. As with [LB] Cole [Holcomb], he has done a nice job stepping into the Mike [MLB] position from the start. Last year he was more a Will [OLB] for us. Then when JB [form Washington LB Jon Bostic] got injured we moved him to the Mike [MLB] and he really showed very well. Now's an opportunity to work on that skill set and he's done a very good job. When [LB David] Mayo's gotten his opportunity. Dave's a big physical guy. Today was a good day for Dave. We did a lot of our big defensive stuff. So he got an opportunity."

Cole Holcomb

On Head Coach Ron Rivera's message of humility:

  • "What happened last year doesn't mean what's going to happen this year. I think we got a taste of that last year. In 2020 we were a top five defense and then didn't live up to the hype. So I think we got a slice of humble pie on that one. So I think that's what they're talking about."

On the defense having something to prove this season:

  • "Absolutely. Yeah. You know, we're capable of doing it so we know we can get there, and we just got to put the work in."

On how full pads is different as a linebacker:

  • "Well when you got pads on it's a different type of a different feel, different type of fits. The linemen can grab a little more, um, you know, there's definitely more contact. So, it's like you got to be on your P's and Q's with your fits and you got to be a little more violent using your hands and, and dugging guys up."

On growth from LB's David Mayo and Jamin Davis:

  • "[David] solid vet always knows what he is supposed to do and then Jamin he's progressing a lot I think, I'm proud of where Jamin's at, I'm happy where he is at. And I think he's giving me a lot of confidence, you know, I don't have to worry about him. I don't have to think about him, he's out there and he knows what he is doing."

On why he enjoys the Mike position so much:

  • "I feel like, you know, being in the middle, taking control, I think it's more fun. Like it's more of a challenge. It's more you'd have one more thing on your plate. You get everybody lined up. I like the chess match of it. I like taking control and being the one having to play that game with the quarterbacks and making the checks. I feel very capable of being able to do it so I have a lot of confidence in it."

Jahan Dotson

On how he feels training camp is going for him and what has been different from OTA's to training camp:

  • "I feel like things have been going pretty well so far. Just trying to get better each and every day, you know. Just being super blessed to be out here, you know, be able to play the game of football in the NFL. Sometimes you gotta stay, take a step back and really realize what you're doing and I'm doing that every single day. Just being grateful for being out here and being able to play with the guys. As to, from OTAs to, to training camp, it, it hasn't been too much different. Obviously going into the season, the, the intensity goes up just a little bit more, but at the end of the day, it's just work."

On where he feels he's grown from the spring:

  • "I feel like in the playbook. Obviously gotta know what you're doing to be able to be out there and play, but I'm kind of getting the little details. Coaches being able to move me around now so I can play multiple spots. Yeah, just become more comfortable with the playbook and then it enables me to play even faster."

On what he's learned about QB Carson Wentz:

  • "Very laid back like myself but a tremendous leader. He helps me in every phase that I need help with. He's been a great supporter and a great quarterback for me. A guy who's putting it on the money every single time I need it there or I'm, I'm getting targeted so, it is great to have him."

On somethings that he's learned from WR Terry McLaurin

  • "Yeah, how he's a professional every single day. He comes out here every morning. He recovers. He comes out here ready to practice every single day and he goes hard every single rep and all that. That's pretty much what you want in a teammate because you know, he's gonna leave it all on the line for you so, you wanna do the exact same for him. It is great playing alongside someone like him just because I know what he's gonna bring every single day and that's being a professional and playing his heart out. So, I wanna do the same for him."

On if he's changed or added anything he does because of the way WR Terry McLaurin does things:

  • "I wouldn't say I've changed much, you know. I kind of see myself as being very professional. So, I take my craft extremely, I don't take it lightly at all. So, just obviously watching him and learning from him is great, picking up on things from him but I take my craft very seriously."

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