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Media roundup | Sam Cosmi's progress feels like 'night and day' from rookie season

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The Washington Commanders were back at The Park for Monday's practice, and head coach Ron Rivera, linebacker Jamin Davis and offensive tackle Sam Cosmi addressed the media. Here are the highlights from their press conferences.

Ron Rivera

On signing LB Nathan Gerry:

  • "Well, you look at it and you think, what was our biggest need at linebacker? We're big and stout for the most part. We wanted a guy that could run, can cover. Nathan has a very good, an extensive background in coverage. He can run well, and he is a solid special teams guy. So he gives us some added depth. He gave us a little something we didn't have and that was another cover linebacker that we felt could really run and make a contribution that way."

On consecutive practices for WR Curtis Samuel:

  • "We'll chill him out a little bit. He'll work on the side, continue with his conditioning, continue with his rehab. Just making sure everything's in sync, I mean, this is important. He's an important player for us. And we have a plan and again told you the plan was put together by the trainers and the doctor. And we just want to make sure we're sticking to it. So we're going to stay solid and continue it with the goal of knowing that he's got to be ready for the opener."

On what has stood out from the secondary:

  • "I think how well they've communicated amongst themselves, you know, the way they handle all those things and the way they do all those things out there. It's not just a bunch of guys out there running around chasing guys. Theres a reason, there's a process and a reason as to how and why we do the things that we're doing. And they seem to understand that even more. And they seem to communicate even better and that's been big for us."

On the growth of LB Jamin Davis in camp:

  • "I think the biggest thing is just learning. You know, it's hard when you are used to playing a specific way, a certain way, and then you come in and now it's completely a whole new ball game. It really truly is. It's a different type of learning. It's a different type of playing. This game is vastly different from the college game. And with him, it's just a matter of getting opportunities and picking it up. And, you know, he continues to get reps and continues to do well. I mean we're pleased with where he is and we're excited to see him play on Saturday."

On how felt having TE John Bates back out there today:

  • "It's good to see, John. We're gonna ramp John up a little bit. You know, today he was limited with reps. He was limited in his teamwork and he was limited in his individuals, but it was good to have him back out there. Now we're gonna just slowly transition him back out there and have him increase his load every day."

Jamin Davis

On how much more comfortable he feels heading into year two:

  • "Ten times more comfortable. I mean, everything is way slower, slowed down for me. I feel like more of myself, I'm just really out there trying to make more plays."

On how much he weighs his growth from position-based versus another year of experience:

  • "I think a lot of it is more so just having that experience and having reps and just being like, okay, now I've seen this before, so now I can be in the right place at the right time and just play it a lot faster."

On where his comfort level helps him:

  • "I mean, nothing too particular. I mean, it's just one of those things where seeing so many different reps and then you got a guy like Cole [Holcomb] who was in that same position before, like telling you what to expect and what not to expect. So it's just picking up on different tendencies that's helping you play a lot faster than you did before."

On what he sees from LB Cole Holcomb:

  • "I mean, in both settings, mullet man has stepped up to the plate. So, I mean, it is good having a guy like that beside me to go out there and run the defense to try to make some plays. It's just, like I said, like even in the film room, he's one of those guys that's been helping me take this growth to the next level. Just trusting him and just knowing that he been in my shoes before is just gonna help me and him both take our game to the next level."

On what being outside has done for his game:

  • "I mean, like I always said before I line up and play wherever they want me to. Just going forward, just being more comfortable with my own skin and going out there and trying to play as fast as possible because that's the key to anything. Just going out and playing fast. Just trying to be a play maker for this team. That's all that really boils down to."

Sam Cosmi

On how he feels this training camp is going compared to last year's:

  • "It truly feels like night and day for me. Going into the first one you're just trying to find a spot, where you're going to fit, and how it's all going to work. Now that I got my feet under me, I feel very confident going into this second year. So I'm excited about it. I think it's a big leap for sure."

On the difference blocking for QB Carson Wentz versus QB Taylor Heinicke: 

  • "All of those guys that you just spoke about are really talented and great guys to play with. Carson's a stud when it comes to being back there, he has a really good cannon and can move. It's different play, the guys play differently, but you get adjusted to it, and having him back there has been great."

On what is it like having a different guard next to him:

  • "I feel like I have a really good connection with every guard I go with out there: [G] Wes [Schweitzer], [G] Trey [Turner], [T] [Charles] Saahdiq, all those guys that kind of been rotating with and guys that I really enjoy being with. When they get out there it's like, let's go, let's ride and, and let's just kick some butt. So that's the mentality every time we go out there, it doesn't matter who's next to me."

On the subtle differences in playing with different lineman:

  • "Each guy has a different way of setting. Each guy has a different way of playing. You kind of get that feel, but we're all coached the same way. So I know what their responsibility is on certain plays and stuff like that. So I know what to expect. I mean, some guys are better at different things than others, but we were coached all the same way and we have that feel of, 'Hey for I'm doing this block, you need to do this, I need to do this.' So it's about the same."

On where he feels he is in the process of shoring up his technique and becoming more consistent:

  • "I feel like I have a really good trajectory going up. I'm excited about it. Every day I feel like I'm getting better and just really keying in on technique. However long my career is I will always be working on technique. It's never going to be a day where I'm like, 'All right, I'm good.' It's every day I'm going to work it out. So just keep on doing that, being more confident in myself and doing all that. I really feel like that's where I'm going right now."

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