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Conditions Were A Factor, But Dustin Hopkins Came Through


While his Bears counterpart missed a potential game-tying field goal with less than two minutes left, Dustin Hopkins weathered tough conditions to kick what was the game-winning score. Dustin Hopkins was happy that his Washington Redskins were able to pull out a 24-21 victory over the Chicago Bears on last Sunday, but he felt for Robbie Gould.

The Bears kicker – routinely considered one of the best at his position in the league over the last decade – missed a 50-yard field goal attempt that would have tied the game with less than two minutes left.

The Redskins would get possession at their own 32-yard line before running out the clock.

Last Sunday's outcome was the same field goal margin as it was the week prior when Dallas Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey hit a 52-yard field goal try to secure a 19-16 victory for the Redskins' rivals.

"Robbie is a guy that I have looked up to for a long time just because I think this is 11th year," Hopkins said. "He kicks in one of the worst fields in one of the worst conditions in the country, and he's done well here. I was anticipating going to overtime just getting my mind right in that aspect. I'm obviously glad to be on this side of the win and I'm pumped for our guys. I had a hard time smiling after a guy misses a game winner just because I know how that feels, but with that being said I'm pumped. I always want us to win, but it's tough knowing what that feels like being in those shoes before."

Hopkins added: "I don't think he hit his ball to be honest. He would know better than I would whether the wind was a factor or not, but I think he would tell you that he didn't the ball he wanted to hit I don't think."

The conditions for last Sunday's game weren't that of a usual December day in Chicago – as temperatures climbed into the 60s – but the teams still had to contend with second-half rain and some wind.

Hopkins attempted only one field goal on the day, but it certainly wasn't easy.

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With winds driving towards him, Hopkins was able to convert on a 47-yard attempt three plays into the fourth quarter.

"I played it straight," Hopkins said. "I didn't try to play the wind too much because it was in our face and I didn't feel it strong one way or the other. I was glad to get the opportunity. Glad I got to be a part of being on the good side of a win where the defense really bent but didn't break. Where the offense got what we needed to get done move the ball and give me the opportunity."

On his ensuing kickoff, Hopkins – still facing the wind – was able to boom a kickoff deep into the end zone.

While it prevented the Bears from attempting any sort of return on the play, Hopkins admitted that he actually didn't quiet kick the ball the way he wanted to.

"To be honest, I mishit it," Hopkins said. "I was supposed to hit it right and the ball ended up curving back to the middle so I was fortunate that it had the distance because to be honest it wasn't my best. I'll probably get a negative grade on that, but will see." Hopkins is now 22-for-25 on field goal attempts on the season and has made all 27 of his extra-point attempts.




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