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Cooley Entertains On, Off the Field


In six years with the Redskins, Chris Cooley has established himself as a likeable personality in Washington, D.C. Add in his considerable success as a Pro Bowl tight end, and Cooley has certainly emerged as a fan favorite.

From his successful blog to his often hilarious web videos and his recent film production venture, Cooley entertains fans both on and off the field.

Why does one of the Redskins' top offensive weapons spend so much time involved with new media?

"Most of the off-the-field things that I do and that my brother [Tanner] and I are involved in are super easy," Cooley said. "We do it because it's fun. Really, none of it is time-consuming.

"Usually all of our blog updates are spur of the moment and obviously football is my biggest priority."

Cooley has a natural sense of humor that seems to make him more approachable and accessible for fans.

"Without trying to sound arrogant, I feel like I already had a good rapport with the fans [before the media ventures]," Cooley said. "I feel like I had a good relationship with everyone. I think everyone likes the blog, but I think it just adds to whatever I already had."

On the field, the third-round selection (81st overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft has produced increasingly impressive numbers since his rookie season.

Cooley has posted more than 700 receiving yards--an impressive total for a tight end--each of the past four seasons.

Last year, Cooley logged 83 catches for a career-high 849 yards as he earned Pro Bowl honors for the second year in a row. He caught just one touchdown pass last season, but he has recorded 28 in his career.

Off the field, Cooley has found a way to let loose through new media and film ventures.

Chris and Tanner were recently asked to be involved in the production of a movie called "Ghosts Don't Exist."

Both brothers earned credits as producers of the film and Chris even had a few lines of dialogue as well.

"I was glad how [the film] turned out, but I don't think [film producing] is something I would pursue as a career outside of football," Chris said in a recent interview with the Washington Examiner. "I think it's cool to be a part of it. I'm not dying to do another one, but I enjoyed doing it."

Earlier this offseason, Cooley was slated to film a cameo appearance on the popular TV show "One Tree Hill." The producers reportedly called Cooley after he mentioned on his blog that he watched the show regularly.

Cooley stressed that his media ventures are for entertainment purposes only. He says he does not have a serious ambition for acting.

"It's just for goofing around," Cooley said. "We like to do the web site and everybody likes the videos, so we keep doing it."

Cooley stays busy, but he still finds plenty of time to devote to his family and friends, many of whom are his Redskins teammates.

Last year, Cooley initiated a fantasy football draft among his teammates. Fellow fantasy owners included Fred Smoot, Jason Campbell, Mike Sellers, Santana Moss and Colt Brennan, among others.

Though many NFL players have little to no experience with fantasy football, Cooley expects to continue the tradition this year.

"We are definitely going to do another fantasy football draft," Cooley said. "It's just that we enjoy some of the opportunities we get and we take advantage of that."

This week, Cooley filled in as a guest writer for Peter King’s *Sports Illustrated* column Monday Morning Quarterback, in which he covered the subject of how he thinks the NFL could improve.

His amendments ranged from reducing the stringent NFL uniform rules to adding a GPS system that would help eliminate referees' judgment calls and human error.

Beyond his media ventures, Cooley is simply a normal guy. The Logan, Utah native finds entertainment in outdoor activities, such as fishing and riding four-wheelers.

So it makes sense that Cooley is enjoying his summer break from football by spending time in Wyoming. He will return to the Washington, D.C., area in late July for the start of training camp.

"I bought about 400 acres in Wyoming, so I'm going to spend the summer there," Cooley said. "I have a little house out there and we're going to spend about 4-5 weeks just hanging outdoors."

And it's seemingly appropriate that fans can follow Cooley's vacation on his blog.

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